Monday, February 18, 2013

One good turn...

...deserves another!
Last week, after my husband installed a custom red oak countertop in the kitchen of some long time friends, the lady of the house sent these home with him, for me!
"friendship soup" and delicious buttery, spicy candle!
It was such a welcome and sweet gesture, I had to respond in kind! And I happened to have this "orphan" set of, over the weekend I made a "mini mat" to go with them.

They will live happily in her warm, cozy, country kitchen!!!
"Sand Hill Plums" by Kansas Troubles for Moda

***The husband will deliver them this afternoon, when our youngest receives his weekly violin lesson from her hubby!
Happy, Happy, Happy!

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Carla said...

An oak counter top sounds fabulous!How nice to exchange gifts.Have a wonderful week, Sarah.

SarahZ said...

Thank you Carla!!!

Sara said...

Rustic and beautiful!!