Saturday, March 30, 2013

So far, So good!

Since it is the end of "the first quarter", I thought I would see how I was progressing, in regards to my "reminders" for the year....

1. Grocery bags: check

2.  Flagged Quilt?  Wedding Quilt for the Sweethearts? check, and check.

3. Coasters? of course!

Sandhill Plums!


4. Barn Quilts?  One down, one to go...
Carla's Missouri Star :)
5. On other projects:
 I have made some progress on my Great Grandmother's quilts..have purchased backing fabric and will tackle them next, now that the wedding is accomplished:)

 I have also pieced a back and gotten the batting for the "It's a Hoot" top.

 I also spent some time cutting strips from my "old" fabrics in preparation for my "Jewel Box" top.

Aaand, I made a "mat" and a "bag", to boot !

Not too bad a showing, for me :)   

1 comment:

Carla said...

Looks like you have accomplished alot, Sarah! I'm trying to get one more "finish" in this quarter!