Friday, April 19, 2013

A Blue Ribbon Day!

While thousands of people were swarming the International Quilt Festival, an hour away in Cincinnati, I was meandering through our local, 18th Annual Bits and Pieces Quilt show, sponsored by the Jefferson County Extension Homemakers. A sunny, blusterous day, I went with my mother and father in law, and was joined there by my mother!

my mother-in-law should be in this picture too, instead of taking it...
I have enjoyed many of these small shows over the years, perused the wares of the local vendors, admired the talents of so many women of  this rural, Ohio River community.  This year at the urging of my wonderfully supportive in laws, I actually entered my "Anniversary Quilt".   This is not a juried show, so it was just in the spirit of participation that I entered it for display.  It really was fun to see it hanging among the variety of other quilts, and to hear some of the nice compliments it received.

Viewers Choice Winner!  Yippee!
After sharing a yummy cappacino and the best biscotti ever (thank you Rebecca!!!) with my mother on her sunporch, she and I headed downtown to The Little Golden Fox, in downtown Madison.
a wee sample of  goodness at The Little Golden Fox!  
It is funny to think how I have been drawn into this wonderful online world of fabrics and the creativity they inspire for a couple of years now, and yet today, in Cara's lovely shop,  I was able to see some of them in person, on the bolt for the first time!   (I think I may have found the backing for my Block of the Month quilt!!!! see it there, on the bottom shelf? with the red flowers? hint: PB&J!!! :) )

My mother and I finished up our afternoon with a walk around the block, popping in to the Art on Main Gallery, and polished it off with a visit to a regular favorite, All Good Things Soaps and Such.

obviously not a big spender, but mm-mmm what dividends I've received from this bundle of goodies!
I think I may have experienced a bit of sensory overload!!!


Carla said...

What a privilege and blessing to have so much fun with your mother and mother-in-law both!

SarahZ said...

It really was so fun! A special day :)

Lynne said...

Congratulations on winning the Viewers' Choice award -- it is a beautiful quilt.

And thank you for dropping by my blog and leaving comments -- much appreciated!