Monday, May 13, 2013

Persistence Pays Off

The last day of Spring turkey season the boys were joined by a good friend, and turkey whisperer, to finally make it happen.  Almost doubled up on the birds, but one is better than none!  A great morning, after the crazy weather we've had the last couple of weeks.

in the blind, quality time with a good friend

putting it all together

packing home the prize of a good morning's hunt
Congratulations Nash!


Gina said...

wow!!! That looks like a huge turkey!!

SarahZ said...

He was a beautiful bird... 21 lbs!

Little Island Quilting said...

I actually stopped by to look at your BQF quilt but then got distracted by this!!

SarahZ said...

I am right there with you...the wonderful indulgences of the BQF!! :)