Saturday, May 25, 2013

Real Life, an aside

 I found this video this morning, made only a couple days ago, and really wanted to share, in the hopes that it may find it's way to help someone.

If you or someone you know has chronic skin rashes, eczema or other skin condition that refuses to heal or stay healed, please take 15 minutes and watch this video, a Q&A with a Dr. Rapaport, from southern California, the dermatologist who recognized this as a condition brought on by the use and misuse of cortisone and corticosteroid treatments.  I won't try to explain all the details here.  Watch the video, or go to for more information and resources.

I post this because my husband has been enduring the "withdrawal" from OTC cortisone cremes for 94 days now.  We are hopeful that he is over the worst of it, and so thankful for this man, Dr. Rapaport, and the support of folks who have trodden this road before us and shared their experiences and ultimate recoveries.

And now, back to my current project.....(so excited!)

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