Saturday, August 24, 2013


A couple years ago I won a complete fat quarter bundle of Mod Tod by Sherry Berry Designs, from Hawthorne Threads!  Super YAY!  I have had fun with some of them, but many of them sit...and sit.  Boo.  .
So how is that serendipitous?
Yesterday it occurred to me that I might find a happy home for some of these fat quarters when I linked up with Crazy Mom Quilts.....and I happened upon this linky party with Charm About You!  Super YAY!!!

So here are the fabrics I would love to swap!
10 fat quarters, help yourself to some or all....

 Mod Tod has sweet colors and gears and pull-behind toys...perfect for baby quilts...or toddler quilts
Still brand new, from a smoke-free, pet-free home (we have dogs, but they are outdoors!)

Thank you Lucy!!!!!

***Thank you to those of you who participated with me!  And thank you for your patience!  This was my first attempt at something like this, and I am happy to say that my Mod Tod will soon be on it's way to new stashes :)


Paula said...

I seem to have lots of toddler sewing to do these days as my 18 month has lots of little friends who all get homemade birthday presents. I'd be happy to swap for them, pay for shipping, or whatever you want to do.

barb said...

I hand piece and hand quilt and donate to charity. My income is less than four hundred dollars for disability. So buying fabric is not an option. Blessings, Barbara

Vicki H said...

I don't have any stash to trade, but would be more than willing to pay postage if you don't get any swappers.

Liz said...

I am doing a little abc quilt at the moment and these are EXACTLY the colour way I'm looking for. What do you looking to swap for? :-)

SarahZ said...

Thank you girls, for helping me swap out my fabric! It looks like Paula and Liz will both get some, and I pulled out a couple extras to go with :)

Steph Blair said...

I love the stars and the cogs on the bottom left, and could definitely pay postage. If you'd like swaps, what kind of things float you boat? I'm hoping to link up to the party with some (not really) fugly fabrics
that I won't used on tues night, so come and take a look on flikr :D


Lucy | Charm About You said...

Thanks for linking up Sarah! I hope you've made some swaps! Please update your post, either about which fabrics are left or if they've all gone when you get a chance :)