Friday, December 13, 2013

Winter Sparkle!

  Here we go!

This is a picture of why I couldn't spring for one of the three gorgeous bundles at Sew Lux Fabric!

I had just ordered these charm packs the very day before I learned of the Challenge!
Hubby brought them home from town the very day I pieced it, December 10th!

Chrissy's pallette was the only one I could come close to matching...
One stray charm of oval elements and my new Charley Harper gold, and my bundle was complete!

This turned out to be a bit tricky without the pattern to go by!

I first saw this pattern at first sight!

look how sweet the backing!

single layer binding...thank you for the reminder Amanda Jean!

I seriously couldn't love this little "sparkler" any more than I do!!!

"Winter Sparkle"
21.5" x 21.5"
some very favorite fabrics:
 pearl bracelets,
 squared elements,
 honeysuckle trellis,
 desert daydreams, 
Charley Harper,
 DS quilts
For the back, after much auditioning, I went with Bonnie & Camille's Happy-Go-Lucky print. It is my first and only B&C, and so appropriate with Camille's sweet Round and Round pattern :) 

It was bit overcast today for picture purposes, but we made do...and got a truckload of firewood while we were at it!

I am just so happy the three Ladies, Sarah, Chrissy and Lee saw fit to invite me (and everyone) to join in on their fun!!!  I really had a blast with the fabrics and a pattern that otherwise would probably have never been done!!!  I would do this again, anytime!
Thank you, thank you!!!

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Gina said...

Beautiful Sarah! No pattern, you are a rock star!!! I love the colors :)

SarahZ said...

Chrissy picked 'em! The colors, I mean :)

Audrey Mackie said...

This certainly does sparkle. A great way to use friendship stars, the colours are lovely together.

Lisa in Port Hope said...

This is a super sweet finish. I only saw the sew lux challenge today, I am crazily thinking I might join in!

SarahZ said...

Go for it!!! :)

Carla said...

Sarah, how cute to just make one of the Sparkle circles for a mini quilt. I just love your fabrics and especially like the backing. I'm using some of the exact print as backing on my grand daughters quilt now!

Anonymous said...

Really cute!

Chrissy said...

This looks great! Thanks for playing along with us!