Saturday, January 10, 2015

2015 Finish-Along!

Although I feel like I am starting the year with a bit of "the slows", I expect to get my sewing feet under me before too long!
So here is my list for Q1 of the new year's finish-along!

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

I have started quilting one, and have two more tops ready to go, with backings, 
for a total of 3 prospective finishes.

2. Fly Home
One of two quilt tops, other than the Dresdens, that I have, and would like to finish this year. 
The other, a Flowering Snowball, will have to wait for another quarter.

3.  Ben's Quilt..."Peaks and Paddocks" from Moda Bake Shop
Both my boys are way overdue for new bed quilts, and have been ever so patient...this is their year :)
I have all the reds cut, and have to settle on a background
throwing in a bit of cowboy fabric leftover from his first bed quilt:)

4. Figures "Seeing Stars"

5. Figures "Four-Patch"

Alrighty then! I had better get those feet under me and a-moving!

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Gina said...

so many beautiful projects!! That is a lofty set of goals and i will look forward to watching you make them! Yay for boys quilts!!!