Wednesday, October 7, 2015

HST Haze

It began with a few extras, remember? and a desire to try the 8 per square method of HST construction...
I was originally thinking of just making a pincushion
Of course, as soon as I began, I knew I needed more of these "littles"!
And it was raining...A LOT! Sew why not?
But early on, I realized the larger leftover HSTs and the "littles" were not going to be compatible in a whole, as I had maybe first imagined they might.
Sew they were turned into littles also
Then, as it continued to rain, for a change of pace, I got a serious start on To The Point, by Amy Gibson of Stitchery Dickory Dock, a free tutorial on her blog. 
officially broke open my only jelly roll, Miss Kate...never to be rolled back up again!
another HST project, but with 6 1/2" blocks instead of 1 1/2"!
The strip sets are fun!
In her tutorial, Amy said she was "happy with the size and squareness of her blocks" so she didn't trim hers.
 Didn't trim? 
I got about halfway through the strip sets and it was back to the littles....
A plan was beginning to gel and
I really needed more to bring it up to the size I have in mind.
112 more to be exact!
When I commented to hubs that I may have actually, temporarily, had enough of trimming for awhile, he asked sympathetically if I was suffering from HST Fatigue
He was quite proud to come up with a new quilty term :) 
We said it aloud several times, just for fun!

If these little 2x3 "blocks" count as "webs"
maybe I could call them "cobwebs", or "dust bunnies"?
Even though everything is still "in-progress"...I did get my little pincushion out of the deal after all!
I think I may try and get one or both of these done for a "reveal" for the Fall Bloggers Quilt Festival!!!
Yep, it is right around the corner!!!

Socially yours, SarahZ :)


Lara B. said...

It's funny how your pincushion project grew and grew. It looks like you are on the way to something amazing Sarah! HST fatigue... how perfect is that? And the trimming stage is when it's most likely to hit me too. It all looks great and I can't wait to see where you are heading. :)

Cathy said...

Loving your HST's. I love them. I have a drawer full of leftover HST's. They need a plan. So curious to see how yours turns out!

Miss Alissa said...

Nice work!

Jayne said...

Those are tiny, but so so cute! Love that little pin cushion. I cannot wait to see more and more of these!

Dorian said...

Oh wow, so tiny! But adorable too. Looking forward to seeing what you make with them. LOL, I get HST fatique after just a few hst's. teehehee.

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

It will be interesting to see what becomes of all your little HST. A little fabric play is a wonderful way to utilise those wet days!

the zen quilter said...

You know, I love HST's too. They have an almost endless variety of ways they can be used that I really appreciate. I like making them, too. But I admit, all those you have make me a little dizzy.

Lorna McMahon said...

We may have not had a name for it until now.... But I know we have all felt the pain of HST fatigue at some point in our quilting careers. It's always worth it in the end and your pile of littles is so pretty, I can just tell the pain will be a distant memory when you get them all together. Nice pin cushion, by the way!

Gina said...

All those HST's. My hands ache just thinking about trimming all of them. Good luck