Saturday, July 16, 2016

New Home Necessities

Hi there!
After days and days, okay weeks and weeks, of repair, repaint, reflooring of the little house we are living in for the time being...
there were a few items that were essential and could be put off no longer.
Because of the condition of the front room, it has become my first ever official Sewing Room!
No heavy furniture allowed.
So while I am pleased to actually have space and all, it seems, well, quite visible, exposed really., after so long in my former bedroom corner :)
A machine cover, which I have long meant to make was in order!
I found a tutorial at Sew Delicious, and just plugged in my own dimensions and patchwork design :)
I thought it might turn out kind of "flopsy", but I am pleased how it stands up after the quilting :)
I tied each corner to fasten the lining, which is more of the osnaburg, which I used on the outside too.
Tiny Michael Miller gingham and Feed Sack from Joel Dewberry's Birch Farm...I just love that combination!

I threw all my potholders away for the move.
So they were actually the first thing I made :)
I used leftover Awesome fabrics, by Sandy Gervais, with a few random charms.
and a "Skillet Handle Holder"...gotta have one of those, always!!!
I am really happy to be easing back into the sewing groove after so much time busy with all the other stuff :)
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Ada Plouvier-Kopitopoulou said...

Lovely machine cover. Also great potholders, such lovely fabrics!

Jen said...

Cute little pot holders. I have been meaning to make some myself. Did you use just regular batting? Or the heat resistant stuff?

Granny Maud's Girl said...

These are great makes!
Did you use insulated batting for the potholders or just layer up the regular stuff?
I love the colour of the gingham check on your machine cover.
I am looking forward to some sewing time soon after so much other stuff. At least I have started to chip away at a few projects in recent weeks. I am even almost caught up on reading blogs!
Enjoy having your own space.

Lara B. said...

The bare necessities of decorating... are best handmade. Lovely machine cover and potholders!