Thursday, December 26, 2019

Pineapple Mountain! Another Q4 Finish!

This was the darling-apple-of-my-eye design for a long while before I was finally able to settle in to making it, beginning in January of this year!
I started out with one layer cake of Voyage, by Kate Spain, plus charcoal yardage. I turned all but 2 of the 10" squares into HSTs.
Then using a variation of the Delectable Mountain block technique, I sliced each HST into 7 strips,  rather than just 4, as you would for Delectable Mountain.
For my diamond design, it was important to orient each side of the 2 matching HSTs in opposite directions, so I would have an equal number of the same print for each direction.
Organization was the most challenging part for me, first separating the pieces according to "size", then randomly distributing the prints through the units, and keeping them straight (straight pins to the rescue!) over the course of time it took me to assemble all the units. 
I managed to finish this up the first week of December!
Simple straight line quilting, following all those seams was easy enough. I chose a relatively "quiet" blue print for the backing and a wonderful floral from the collection for the binding.
I still haven't gotten photos to suit me, but such as they are, here they are!

"Pineapple Mountain"
Second finish on my Q4 list.
Now then! I have one more finish to post, and I am scrambling to finish one more quilt before the year, and decade wind down!
Wish me luck!


Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said...

Oh wow this is so beautiful! My mind is spinning with activity trying to think if I should do this. I do have a layer cake.

Kat said...

Stunning! Lots of piecing on this one. It looks wonderful!

Shannon said...

Love all the texture and movement in this one!

Karin - BluePip Designs said...

This is beautiful! It always feels so good to get a long-term project done!