Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Give Thanks and Praise!

My dog, who was stuck, now is loose...she was lost and now she's found!

An explanation: After being put up all weekend, due to it's being the opener of firearms deer season, I turned Sandy loose early Monday morning. I didn't see her again until around 4:00 pm. For some dogs, that may not be remarkable, but Sandy is my girl and she is never away from me, the house or out of earshot for any amount of time. In fact, I've always fancied that, given the opportunity, Sandy would be a "hero dog". But there were variables...she has been known to find fresh cow "leavings" next door (well within earshot), and with the events of the weekend, she could surely find something of interest...but it was nonetheless quite surprising when I couldn't call her in by 12:00. And by 3:00 I knew she was not coming under her own power, or she would already be here.

I was messing with one end of a long hose, wondering where in the world she was...***I ALWAYS believe that no matter where something is misplaced or hidden, God knows exactly where "in the world" it is, and He will certainly lead us to it if we will only ask, this has never failed me***...and so there, at the end of the hose, I finally asked Him where she was, and if she needed my help, which she certainly would or she would be there, He would have to help me find her. I proceeded to the other end of the hose, to hook it up to an outdoor spigot, and was no sooner busy with that, than I heard Sandy whimper, right behind me. The frost free hydrant stands right against the wall of a very old cabin on our property, so Sandy was under this building!!! Right under my nose, not anywhere my imaginations and doubts might otherwise have led me. It takes courage to have faith, to believe that the Father has protected and provided for us in dubious situations.

So after unsuccessfully trying to saw through the floor, I finally donned my old coveralls, and in the last light of day, squinched back under there with a hoe, and managed to scrape away enough dirt for her to squeeze under the joist that had held her. She was free...and my husband is sure I am her hero :)

Never doubt the care the Father has for you and for the things you care about...I believe it would have been a shameful thing to have lost Sandy for lack of asking Him where she was!

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Carla said...

Sarah, I am going through your posts and just have to comment on this one. We had almost the exact same experience around the same time! Our silly dog dug herself under the shed not once, but twice! She never made a peep and the only way we discovered her was a little bit of dog hair dangling from the edge of the shed where she was stuck. My husband was home so he dug her out with a shovel, but it took about 30 minutes. The second time she disappeared, I knew just where to look! She had to wait several hours to be rescued till my husband came home to dig her out. I love your note about asking the Father for help in finding things...I do that too! Blessings, Carla