Monday, October 17, 2016

Crushing on Carolyn...

Friedlander that is! Doe and Carkai, to be exact!
When Missouri Star Quilt Co recently had Doe charm packs on sale for $5, I made the immediate decision to make my Doodle into a quilt. 
(This "doodle" from a sweet CF mini charm pack that Lorna sent me in June)
I bought 3 charm packs of Doe, and 2 of Carkai. 
And commenced the pairing of the charms and the making of my beloved HSTs!
The immersion into the simple process and kinda-quirky-to-me color and design combos has been very crush-worthy!
I may be a little late to the Carolyn Friedlander party, but I made it...better late than never!
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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

A Few Summer Things...

...before I plunge happily into Fall and Sewing Season, I mean Winter!!
Allow me to randomly scatter my Summer Do's and What-Nots before you...
I made this pillow for Cara, my uber encouraging and enabling shop owner friend! I cannot remember now whose tutorial I followed...will edit when it comes to me!
2 more cushions I made for Cara...the top one as a potential class sample(!!!), the second for her shop just because.
(These pics should firmly establish how my Summer has gone...I don't even have photos of the finished cushions! Sheesh! In my previous post, I briefly mentioned our current computer hostage situation...I just don't want to talk about it, but suffice it to say, I was already in limbo from our big move, and now, I'm really just kinda poking at things, computer wise! So I guess this is my "la la la, everything is fine" post, lol!)
My Summer days were puncuated by my first ever(!) hanging baskets and their deep vibrant colors!
They were the final inspiration for my fabric choices when I joined in on Cheryl Brickey's Meadow Mist Designs Mystery Quilt! I continue to REALLY enjoy the color and pace of this, my first ever monthly mystery quilt! 
Some play time with mini charm packs, Bread and Butter, courtesy my friend Cara!
30s Playtime, indeed! More on this one soon!
A bit of an "aqua infusion" from multiple fun sources...
Tea cup and Blueberry Park, courtesy my enabling BIL Greg :)
Great big aqua popcorn bowl and other goodies...
Seriously cute aqua pail from a lovely, unphotographed Edible Arrangement from an even lovelier neighbor!
Jelly Roll? Sugar Bloom by Verna Mosquera...IG win from Free Spirit Fabrics!!! Yes please AND thank you!! Woo Hoo!
What else? Let's see...
Right! An Amish Pot Holder/Skillet Handle Holder set, for an Amish friend :)
I think that about wraps it up for me! A very busy Summer filled with all the transitions a big move brings. Everybody working and coming and going, highly mobile! I am kinda liking this whole "civilization" thing! So, when we get back to it after this little wilderness excursion, we will see how it goes, eh?!
 Thank you so much for stopping by!
Happy Fall!
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Monday, October 3, 2016

Finish Along 2016 Q4!

For months now my "linky" abilities have been greatly curtailed, while our main computer is held hostage by the repair service, ahem.  I am trying to hobble things together as I go along with the ipad and a borrowed laptop! Thank you for bearing with me!

2016 FAL

Without further ado, here is my Q4 FAL list:
1. Nash's Irish Chain
A hold over from Q3, I brought it with me to Montana for our hunting/winterizing/could-be-here-awhile trip, which began first week of October and will continue through....?
The top is pieced, all it needs is a backing and batting...just going with a plain white, it is what the Nash wants :)

2. Ben's Peaks and Paddocks Quilt, also brought forward from Q3
I did not bring this with me, but if we get back before the end of the quarter, this would be a priority. 
It is second from the top in this photo...
Like Nash's, the top is done...we will go with a red and black buffalo plaid backing for this one, I think.

3. Friedlander HST Bliss
Based on this mini, made from a single mini charm pack this Summer, I splurged and bought 5 charm packs of Carolyn Friedlander's Doe (3 packs) and Carkai (2 packs), to make a full sized throw version of this. I really never get tired of HSTs...they are my thing. And yes, they made the trip :)
And I have now officially entered the Carolyn Friedlander Fan Club :)

I think that is all for my list. 

Meanwhile, I did have another Q3 finish that I just couldn't get blogged and linked in time, which is okay. But I did want to share that I got my "Frontier Garb" made for the September National Shoot for the NMLRA...the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association, held annually in Friendship, Indiana.
Also a couple new linen shirts for the boys.
Here we all are at "The Block House", headquarters of the Primitive Range at Friendship.
The big checked fabric I used for the top is a wonderfully lightweight woven I picked up at WalMart...Waverly brand. I would like to get some more and make another shirt the same style as the boys' shirts...maybe in a few different colors...they also had it in black/gray/white, and red.

Thanks so much for stopping by! I feel a bit more caught up now! 
I have some fun things going on while back out here in Big Sky Country...will be sharing more soon!

Friday, September 30, 2016

I Finished This!

Number 4 on my Q3 Finish Along list was this barn quilt panel.
Part of a collaborative effort put together to be auctioned in sets of 4, to raise funds for the Hay Press Barn restoration currently underway by the Switzerland County, IN Historical Society. 
This was a fun project that I took my time with over the Summer months. The embroidery embellishments were my first foray into that particular realm, courtesy of Gina @ partyofeightourstory, who graciously surprised me with an embroidery "starter kit" timely was that!
Of course, I had to make a barn quilt, for my barn quilt!
I have never attempted to make an "art quilt" per se, but I think this effort of mine and others certainly qualifies!
Here are the sets, all together, along with a photo of the barn that these panels were to illustrate,

These will be auctioned as part of the Historical Society's Rural Heritage Tour, taking place this weekend, October 2-3.
So glad I was able to participate in this! 

Friday, September 23, 2016

Fall Bloggers Quilt Festival 2016!

There is nothing quite like the Bloggers Quilt Festival at Amy's Creative Side to get this blogger blogging! Yay!!
I counted up and this is my 11th entry! My 1st being in the Fall 2011 edition, way back on my Zimmermans West blog!!

So without further ado, here is "Cool Jayne", a January 2016 finish, and one of my all-time favorite quilts!

Inspired by "Cool Waters", a full sized quilt by Jayne, of Twiggy and Opal, "Cool Jayne" resulted from an accidental purchase of a mini instead of full sized charm pack of Denyse Schmidt's Modern Solids.
A happy little accident in my book!
It may be a simple shadow block pattern, but those colors....oooh baby! I just love 'em!
"Cool Jayne"
Fabrics: Denyse Schmidt Modern Solids 

Thank you so much for stopping by my little corner of the Fall Bloggers Quilt Festival!
And a super big thanks to Amy and all the sponsors, and all the other bloggers, for continuing to make this such a special event! xoxo! SarahZ

Monday, August 8, 2016

Pillow Talk

It looks like I may actually get to teach a beginners quilting class this Fall, at a local friend's shop!
We decided a simple patchwork pillow cover would make the perfect, finishable starter project!
I have plenty of time, but I had to jump right in and "try it on"!
And because this shop owner is also a sweet friend and encourager, I made her a pillow, from a glimpse I got from her Pinterest board while we were planning. 
I feel wonderfully sneaky!
I get to surprise her with it today!
She is also a big fan of gingham! (Be still my heart!)
I need more Valdani colors! I would have gone around each star, but this was the only color I have that matched! I will have to pay a visit to Sunny Day Supply!
Such an easy wonky block, and sew fun!
I have to add a few gratuitous flower shots...their colors make me glad, daily!
And some sweets from my friend Terri! 
It is good to be back with my people!!!!
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