Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Some February Fun!

First of all, I finished up a project I am super excited about!
It is my first submission to a magazine! McCall's Quick Quilts
Check back in June, when I will be able to share this one in full!

Secondly, I assembled my Meadow Mist Designs Mystery Quilt top!
I am loving the versions with extra borders, and I think I will add a couple to mine as well!
During Fall Quilt Market, I was lucky to win this bundle of Front Yard fabric by Sandra Clemons, for Michael Miller.
So many really sweet hues and designs! I made my Get Cozy mini with them...
but wanted to use them in a bigger way, on a design that has been in my notebook awhile now.
So with the finish of the "magazine quilt", I jumped right on this! I had cut the pieces out in January, and didn't want to forget how they all went together by waiting too long! And it is on my FAL list, number 5, I think!

Lastly, I have joined in on the Sewcial Bee Sampler, co-hosted by Sharon Holland and Maureen Cracknell!

I have a small bundle of Jeni Baker's Curiosities, plus a few others that I think are appropriate for this sampler! Jeni's HST BOM, back in 2012, was the first group sewing I ever did, and laid the foundation for the love of HSTs that I obviously still have! It is also remains a fave quilt in my family!

 Sew, that is what I have been up to of late!
Joining the fun over at Lorna's Let's Bee Social!
See you there!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

First Finishes of 2017!

I am so happy to have not 1, but 2 finishes to check off my Q1 Finish Along list!
Number 1:  Nashua's Irish Chain Quilt
We had a glimpse of fickle sunshine today and I took lots of pictures!
It measures 65"x85"

A little "help" from Quigley, the mini dachshund next door!
Nash picked the pattern and the colors! And held the quilt!
He has waited patiently for his blue and white Irish Chain!
 We also had an audience for the photo shoot, Rosebud and Haley!

The next finish is Number 9 on the list:
Rainbow Heart Trio Mini, pattern by Twiggy and Opal
This is the little heart which finishes at a darling 6 inches!
I embellished the center with a few lazy daisies! Such a fun splash of color!
Backed with a rainbow print from a fave collection, Melodies, by Sarah Campbell.
Bound in a Moda CrossWeave.

I have one other finish, one that was not on my FAL list.
Remember these very first Prairie Rose blocks, from waaay back in 2014?

I turned one of these into a sweet little mini!
I about had it all packed up before I remembered to take a picture!
(Sent to a friend, with HST love!)
This Lotta print was perfect for the back! Bound in a strip of shot cotton from those amazing jelly rolls I won(!!!) from Cheryl@Meadow Mist Designs in December!

Let's Be Social @Sew Fresh Quilts!

I am glad to have these finishes under my belt, as I jump in on a long awaited *secret* sewing project! That came today!!! *YaY*

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Finish Along 2017! Q1

Nice button Leann!
I am sew thankful to the hosts and sponsors of the 2017 Finish Along! I was thrilled to win a prize from Mariners Compass Quilts for FAL 2016 Q3, with only one finished entry!
I had a dismal showing for Q4...ZERO finishes from my list!
I am ready to rumble this year, and especially this quarter!

1. Nash's Irish Chain
The quilting is in-progress! That bodes well!

2. Ben's Peaks and Paddocks
Top is finished. Backing is purchased and in hand. A finish sounds good in theory!

3. Seeing Stars
Same as #2 above. 

4. Doe/Carkai HST
Top is finished. And I really love this one, which is highly motivating!

5.  No Name Big Block
I have cut most of the fabrics for a fun new design in my outside entry, but if I didn't think there was any chance of finishing this, I wouldn't put it on the list! Fingers crossed!

6. Baby quilt for Wee Shelley
Due the end of March, my niece's second child will have a quilt from Aunt Sarah to welcome him or her! Of course! Thinking I may use this pattern, which I saw on Debbie/A Quilters Table blog. If not this, something else, but a baby quilt for sure...
Egads!!!  I just came across this Medallion would be perfect for a baby quilt as is, maybe? Yes or no??? 

7.  Southwest Wedding Quilt
Another much loved niece is getting married 1 April....sooooo, if it isn't finished this quarter, I'm in trouble! I have a design made, and will use an assortment of Me + You Indah batiks! 
I am very excited about this out of my usual! It has a name, but both it and the design are kinda a surprise. You will have to trust me on this one!
8. The Meadow Mist Mystery Quilt!
I think the design is revealed in February, so there is a pretty good chance of finishing this one too!

9. Rainbow Heart Trio, pattern by Twiggy and Opal
I know these will be perfect to fill in spaces between the larger projects...and they are irresistible!
This may end up being 2 or 3, 9, 10, and +/- 11!

Whew! This is my longest list ever!!! Wish me luck! I am off to oil my machine!

Make'er Hum!

Friday, December 30, 2016

Best of 2016!

It comes as no surprise to me that the beginning of the year 2016 held the most and the best of everything, sewing and blogging-wise. It was such fun to revisit what seems so long ago and far away from where I sit today! Not that where I sit is bad, mind you, just a whole different cadence of sewing, blogging and online visiting!

Thank you Cheryl, for your Best of 2016 linky party, for the opportunity and the motivation to do just that, blog and visit!

So, in chronological order, as it turns out, my own personal favorite finishes of 2016, which also happen to be my favorite posts, AND the posts with the most views and comments! Go figure...we are all on the same page over here at Cedar Fork Stitches, I love it!!!! Each title is linked to the corresponding post...go ahead and click em!
1. Cool Jayne! My first finish of the year and still one of my all time favorite things, ever!!

2. Birthday Cushion Covers for Greg! Second/third finishes of the year. Completely out of my ordinary in design and color! So. Much. Fun! And yes, he loves them!

3. Great Grandmother's Dresdens!  That's right, my fourth finish! Not as high on the "views" list, but one of my fave finishes and I just love the pictures my youngest helped me get with this one! 1 Dresden quilt down, 4 Dresden quilts to go! 

4. Flowering Snowball in "Weeds"!  This was perhaps my happiest finish...the longest anticipated, for sure, begun in 2014 with Mary Duggan/Molly Flanders Snowball-Along! First ever layer cake, first ever perle cotton quilting...first ever Flowering Snowball!! 
5. Love and Kisses...for my Mother's 80th birthday in March! In reviewing my blog for this linky, I spent far and away the most time just lingering over each photo in this post! I sure do love my Mama, and am so happy I came up with such a cute little gift of love for her! I am also tickled that 80, in Roman numerals is LXXX...which is the same in my mind as Love and Kisses!

I hope to get around and see the posts that you all find to be special in one way or another! I really love and appreciate you all, my online quilty bloggy friends! Thanks for stopping in from time to time! Your hellos are always a welcome bright spot on even the sunniest of days! 
Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Sew Many Things!

How does one blog when their computer has been hijacked, held hostage, held for ransom...okay, not ransom, but our ever stalwart computer guy is in love and when we will get our  computer back is anyone's guess!!! argh! So, we got a new computer, and here I am!!! Sew many things!

First, this!! Have you seen it? The Get Cozy Mini by Pen + Paper Patterns, available through Craftsy! (I have been hanging in there meanwhile, via Instagram, perhaps we are friends there, too?)
I simply had to do this! I won a wonderful bundle of Front Yard fabric by Sandra Clemons, from Michael Miller Fabrics during Market week (squeee!!!) and this little thing popped up and demanded I just sample that luscious bundle of yummy! The collection has such a great variety of color, design and's, like, perfect!
The mini has proven difficult to photograph because it is long, 36" when it is all finished!
But it has a quilt in it, on the couch!! This is not paper pieced, y'all!
Actually 4 quilts...3 more on the quilt ladder!

In other progress news, the Meadow Mist Designs Mystery quilt is coming along...these are November's units.
I am still working on December, where these units are made into blocks! They are wonderful! Such a fun regrets getting in on this one!

Meanwhile, over on Instagram, I have a new "destash" account!
@cedarfork_FQdestash where I will be destashing Fat Quarters of fun random fabrics! 

If you are on Instagram, I am kicking things off this evening, 12/13 at 6:00!  I want to add to the destash each Tuesday.  So jump on over and check it out!  I very much appreciate it!!
I am thrilled to be able to LINK UP with my friends this week!!!!
With Beth: Main Crush Monday@Cooking Up Quilts
And Lorna: Let's Bee Social@Sew Fresh Quilts
(do y'all remember me?!)
And one more shot of my "new living room", in my sewing room ;)
*sigh* it is good to be back!