Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Hunter Star Quilt

Flynn's Hunter Star!
#2 on my Q3 Finish Along list
I made this quilt for the grandson of arguably the most iconic hunter of my lifetime,
a man of integrity and great humor, an adventurer with whom we could trust our young sons through his articles and videos, Canada's own Jim Shockey!
Flynn is the darling son of Branlin and Ashley Shockey.
I made another quilt this year for Flynn's cousin Leni Bow, daughter of Eva (Shockey) and Tim Brent, Ribbons and Bows, for Moda Bake Shop, you can also see it in this post from February
They are both finally shipped off this month, and what fun it has been having this transitory connection with families we esteem so highly!
For this quilt, I paired bright and earthy solids with the low volume "Menagerie" print from Indian Summer by Sarah Watson!
A simple backing of polar fleece and a Kona Biscuit binding, and this 50" x 54" quilt is all ready for snuggles!

I hope they love it!
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Monday, August 13, 2018

Kaffe Fassett Challenge Quilt

Number 8 on my Q3 Finish Along list!
It was really good timing that this Kaffe Fassett Challenge came to my attention during the week I was making my Q3 list!
I mean, it came with a deadline and everything!
The parameters were simple enough...make a quilt, minimum size of 50" x 60", using at least 50% Kaffe fabrics purchased from my lovely LQS, Lewistown's Sew Pieceful, to be completed by August 31, in time for the annual Chokecherry Festival in Lewistown, MT!
Now, I won't lie, I am not a huge Kaffe fan, but it seemed like a fun challenge, and with enough entries, the prizes were well worth the "investment", and just a good opportunity to support Tammy and her shop!
 I picked a crazy stripe with colors I loved to be the "action" fabric for a quilt design I figured would need all the slowing down I could muster, using a range of mostly cool, and quiet solids!
With this one stripe, which is actually many strips of stripe variations, paired with the Disappearing 4-Patch design, I hoped the Kaffe would carry the day!
Which, yep! I think it did, pretty well!
I quilted it with my usual straight lines, forgetting that with my new(used) Juki, I was in possession of a walking foot! I remembered about the time I had about 6 lines left to quilt! So, not my best work, I'm afraid.
 I used this great Alison Glass print on the back...all AG is on the sale rack! Score! And this Kaffe ombre stripe that did not make the "solids" cut for the top, became the binding! 
I love the soft color changes in the binding!  The darkest solid is a deep violet, but I have yet to get that to show in any of the photos! Oh well!
And, last shot, on a brace post, just because the sunrise was beautiful this morning!
This quilt finished at 50" x 60".
Thanks sew much for stopping by!
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Lady of the Lake Pillow

Number 6 on my Q3 Finish Along list!
Kind of a long shot, but I got 'er done!
Lady of the Lake pillow!
I used 2 Moda "candy packs" of True Blue, by Zen Chic, plus an Art Gallery print for the focal fabric in the four quadrants.
56 mini charms= 112 HSTs for this cushion that finished at 18"!
Using the "chained rows" or "web" method, I was able to piece the sections and keep it all in order as I assembled it!
It is quilted pretty heavily, using my walking foot as a guide to either side of the diagonal seams. 
I also decided to make this a 2-sided or reversible pillow by using a wonderful Coastline fabric, acquired recently from Needle and Foot!  I quilted this side with a simple 1 1/2" grid, on the diagonal.

I also added a zipper to this pillow cover, a new-to-me technique, following this recent tutorial on Suzy Quilts blog.

All in all, very pleased with how this turned out! It gets to live on my bed, not for general household use on the sofa!
Thanks for stopping by!
 I have several more fun finishes to share, so "stay tuned"!
(Wow! is that little saying obsolete these days?!)
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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Scrabble Squirrel!

I simply thought that one of these little Court House Steps blocks would make a cute back for my rather impromptu needlebook, for the #SunnyNeedlebookSAL over on IG!
But since they had been dismissed from their original purpose as a round on a still unfinished  Medallion quilt, They began to go together to be something else, in a very squirrel-like fashion!
It put me in mind of a beginner(me!) playing Scrabble! 
My late Mother-in-law would play with me at the lake. 
She was very good.
And so, as they usually do, this squirrel had it's way, binding and all!
Squirrel in a Tree:
"Scrabble" 20"x 23"

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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Q3 Finish Along List!

Here we go!
After a flurry of Q2 finishes that were NOT on any finish along list, I am READY for Q3!

1.  Seeing Stars
Remember this one?  It first appeared on my 2015 Q1 FAL list!
In the last couple days of 2018 Q2, I sat myself down and basted and quilted this baby! 
No, really, I did!
 After which it kindly requested some hand quilting, which is still in progress!
But once that is accomplished to this quilt's satisfaction, there is this binding to finish it off, ready and waiting!  Talk about incentive!

Yep, this will be my first finish of on it if you like!

2.  Flynn's Hunters Star
I have the backing and binding ready and waiting for this one, and if there was an informal self-imposed deadline for this, I have gone past it! So this is #2 in the lineup for Q3!

3.  Year of Fabric Quilt
This has my whole heart!
Inspired by an amazing "Ludlow" quilt by @njcrabtree on Instagram!
I am using all the fabrics randomly acquired over the course of my LQS's first year in business, which was Fall of 2016-2017!  I have included some other fabrics from the year as well, since that was a year we lived in 2 places, moving from southern Indiana, again, back to Montana. So far, 77% of the focal fabrics are from Lewistown's Sew Pieceful.  All the HSTs are made with low volume prints, and the squares are bright white.  It is just waaay too much fun putting these blocks together, and only takes about 15 minutes per, now that all the components are made! Not too worried about finishing this, but it could happen, so onto the list it goes!

4.  Selvedge Color Blocks Quilt
I only lack 2 colors, so this could happen, too!

5.  Sewcial Bee Sampler
This top was finished in 2017, a sew-along with Sharon Holland and Maureen Cracknell, 
made with my Jeni Baker and a few other Art Gallery fabrics.
It would be a fun finish!

6.  True Blue Mini Charm Pillow
Because I may need a smaller diversion sometime in the next 3 months! For quite awhile now this design has languished in my notebook.  I have cut and marked all the background fabric, so again, this could happen!

7.  Dresden Plate
This is the second of 5 quilts I am making from 20 blocks made by my Great Grandmother.
They are not large, and I made a start on the hand quilting last quarter.

8.  Kaffe Fassett Challenge Quilt
The Challenge?  Make a (minimum) 50"x 60" quilt using at least 50% Kaffe fabrics purchased at my LQS, Lewistown's Sew Pieceful, by August 31, to be displayed at the Chokecherry Festival in September.  If there are enough entries, prizes will be awarded to include a Grand Prize, a new Pfaff sewing machine(!), First Prize, a 2 night retreat for 2 at Judith Mountain Lodge(<3), and People's Choice Prize, a $100 gift certificate to LSP!
Kaffe certainly is new territory for me, so I chose one really amazing stripe, and pulled solids for a Disappearing 4 Patch. I feel confident I will get this one done, considering it has a deadline and all!

I suppose that is all for this go round!

 Do you have some WIPs that you need a little nudge to finish?
The Finish Along provides some fun incentive, as every finish from your list at the beginning of the quarter is an entry to some great prizes at the end of each quarter! 
What can you finish in 3 months?
No penalties for not finishing quilts and projects listed, so you have nothing to lose, and some worthwhile finishes to gain! Join us, won't you?
All the info you need is here:  2018 Finish Along

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Happy Sewing, friends!

Also, quick side note: I am now selling my pattern(s) on Craftsy! The link is on my sidebar! 

Friday, July 6, 2018

Crazy Q2!

Greetings friends!
I had a very reasonable Q2 Finish Along list, I really did!
But I did not finish a single item on it!
Because at the end of March, my Dad requested and provided a trip back to Indy, which took place the week of 6 June!
Which in turn sent me into a frenzy of gift making for several family members.
All of which had to be made in the few scattered weeks of April and May in which I was actually home from a remodel job my husband and sons started in April across the state!
Nice view, eh? The house is on the banks of the Missouri River! 
A refreshing change of scenery for all of us!
But that is a whole nother post!

I knew I would be staying at one of my sisters' house for several of the days I was back, so I wanted to make her a couple of roses, her favorite!
I found the exact kind of rose I was looking for after an easy google search...but it was paper pieced! Yikes! Up until this, I had only barely paper pieced, a tiny log cabin block, a couple years ago!
Well, the pattern was a free one on Craftsy, "Rose" by Jitka Designs, Inc, so I jumped in, why not? After all, it was EXACTLY what I wanted!
So I made 2! 
And she loved them!
Feeling confident from this first real foray into paper piecing, I thought I might actually be able to tackle my next proposed project, an ambitious one for such a beginner!
The pattern was gifted to me by the wonderful Christine at Triangles and Squares!
And while the idea of it was very daunting to me, it really was perfect for my Mother, who has long loved dragonflies and happened to be moving to a new home shortly after my trip back!
So how could I not at least try? For my Mom!!!
Going with mostly solids really helped me in choosing my fabrics, and the six prints were chosen based on their "wing-like" qualities!
Luckily I was home alone while I made this, because it required every shred of concentration I could muster! It wasn't that it was a difficult pattern, but the technique of paper piecing itself was just so new to me that it just took all the focus I had to establish the right procedural steps and you paper piecers know what I am talking about?

In fact I would highly recommend Dragonfly Dance!  As a beginner, armed with just a basic youtube understanding of FPP, and the 2 Roses under my belt, I was able to make THIS:
Talk about confidence building! After finishing this mini quilt,  I feel like a quilting rock star!
Using Aurifil Mint Ice for quilting, I outlined each dragonfly, then used the width of my presser foot to quilt concentric lines from the center out.

 It was as much quilting as I have ever put on anything!
I scored a dragonfly print for the back, and bound it in a light blue crosshatch by Quilting Treasures.
My Mama loved it!
With those 2 gifts done, there was a tote to be made! 
A Level Two Tote, by Krista/Poppyprint, to be exact!
Another of my sisters, who loves elephants, had sent me a vest a year ago, with the plan of turning it into a cushion or something for her.  When I received it, a cushion did not seem "the thing", so I let it hang until the right "thing" came along.  Which it did, as soon as ever I laid eyes on that Level Two Tote!!!  
This was another daunting undertaking, as my bag making skills are virtually nonexistent, although I have made several various zippered pouches!
But again, it was worth the effort because it was the perfect "thing" for this vest, and my sister!
Again, I highly recommend this pattern!  I slowly and carefully followed all the clear and thorough instructions and it turned out beautifully!
And my sister loved it!

The last item I was frantic to make was what I lovingly call my "Ipad/Magazine Cross Body Travel Bag/Purse"!
Armed with new bag making skills, I actually designed exactly what I wanted and needed for my trip!

The main sleeve is flannel lined with a plastic zipper, for my ipad:
The front zippered pocket holds my bare necessities: cash, cards/ID, chapstick, pen/pencil.
The back slip pocket was intended to hold the quilt magazine I bought specifically for travelling with, but, alas, I did not allow quite enough width. It held my planner and travel documents great though, and I just carried the magazine in the elephant tote!
I really love it!

The trip was a wonderful success!  A week of seriously quality time with my Dad, all of my 4 sisters, and my Mama!  I flew to Indiana, but returned to Montana by train, accompanied by one of my very favorite friends, Terri, who stayed out here with us for another week! All in all, an epic June for me! It really deserves a post of it's own, but I don't know if I will get to it, so I will just tag on a few highlights here at the end of this one!

Last evening of our epic adventure!

See you soon with my Q3 Finish Along list!

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Also, quick side note: I am now selling my quilt pattern(s) on Craftsy! Link is on my sidebar!