Saturday, July 16, 2016

New Home Necessities

Hi there!
After days and days, okay weeks and weeks, of repair, repaint, reflooring of the little house we are living in for the time being...
there were a few items that were essential and could be put off no longer.
Because of the condition of the front room, it has become my first ever official Sewing Room!
No heavy furniture allowed.
So while I am pleased to actually have space and all, it seems, well, quite visible, exposed really., after so long in my former bedroom corner :)
A machine cover, which I have long meant to make was in order!
I found a tutorial at Sew Delicious, and just plugged in my own dimensions and patchwork design :)
I thought it might turn out kind of "flopsy", but I am pleased how it stands up after the quilting :)
I tied each corner to fasten the lining, which is more of the osnaburg, which I used on the outside too.
Tiny Michael Miller gingham and Feed Sack from Joel Dewberry's Birch Farm...I just love that combination!

I threw all my potholders away for the move.
So they were actually the first thing I made :)
I used leftover Awesome fabrics, by Sandy Gervais, with a few random charms.
and a "Skillet Handle Holder"...gotta have one of those, always!!!
I am really happy to be easing back into the sewing groove after so much time busy with all the other stuff :)
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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Q3 Finish Along 2016

Q3 Edition: List of Goals!

1.  Red and White Peaks and Paddocks: For son #1 
Top is finished, all it needs is the sandwich fixins and to be quilted and bound :)
2.  Blue and White Irish Chain:  For son #2
Same as is finished, etc. 
Son #2 was not available for helping me with a new picture...his father found it to be a bit more challenging than expected, and gave up ;) Lol!

3.  Seeing Stars:  Same as above....I got a lot of fun in store, eh?!

4.  Barn Quilt Challenge Panel:

Now this is some fun!  I walked into the County Historical Museum just last week, and the Director, my friend and artist Martha Bladen had this packet practically "at the ready" for me! Inspired by a group of Iowa quilters, Martha has taken a photo of a barn belonging to the Historical Society, divided it into 4 panels to be interpreted by various local quilters, a total of 4 sets to be made and auctioned off as a fundraiser for the Historical Society. I have never done anything like this and already have a few good ideas for my panel :) Deadline is 19 September, so it is easily included in this Q3 list!
5.  Block House Frontier Outfit:
Looking ahead to another September commitment, I need a frontier costume! The boys will be so happy to have me in more appropriate attire at the National Muzzle Loaders Association Fall Championship Shoot. I will be working in the Block House, on the Primitive Range
 and really can't keep showing up in shorts or overalls :)
This addition to my wardrobe is very long overdue :)
I am thinking maybe a gray or navy gingham for the skirt....

That's it for me! Fairly realistic expectations this quarter!
If you haven't done so before, joining up with the 2016 Finish Along is a fun way to encourage and be encouraged to get some of those projects done and maybe win a prize for the effort :)
You may find all the details here!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Safe Travels and A Happy Landing

A very condensed look at our trip, through my son's camera...
From our last evening here, in Montana...
 we traveled the first week of June.

 Taking a break in North Dakota, the first day.

On through Minnesota.

 Ever foggy Duluth, into Wisconsin.
 My traveling buddy on the shore of Lake Superior.
I guess I did take one picture!

 Somewhere in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

 Ahhh, Lake Michigan sighted!!!

 The Mackinac Bridge, crossing the strait between the great lakes Huron and Michigan

 Northern Indiana farm country, we are in familiar territory now, and getting close to home :)

 The Big Truck, that I followed 1742 miles, turning on "our" road at last!

Our new views

 We have been head down with cleaning and painting our new residence since we arrived, but had to pay some long overdue visits to a few of our old haunts in the neighborhood!
National Muzzleloading Association's Spring National Shoot at Friendship, IN, the week after we arrived.

 The neighbor's lake. Fave fishing and swimming hole :)
 Where the boys work, putting up hay.

So, to coin the old title of this blog, "Here We Are"!
First sewing projects, up next, stay tuned!

Sew happy to be joining the party again!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Holding Pattern

I am officially ready to pack up my sewing space and hit the road!
During the down time of several rain days, I was really happy to light upon a plan for my Zen Chic Figures panel, "Seeing Stars"! 
What began as a test for a Moda Bake Shop recipe, that turned into a fail, has finally turned into this quilt top!!! You may read the original dilemma and how I was bailed out by Brigitte Heitland herself in this blog post from December 2014!
Ahh, these large (5") HSTs were so comfortable after teeny tiny fiddling with those mini minis! HSTs really are my happy comfort zone, trimming and all :)
I love the nautical look it takes on from a bit of distance!
I have known for a while that I would incorporate more "panels" to complete this top, but this particular layout and color scheme, along with the extra stars was what all came together for me at last!
I am really pleased to have this one wrapped up as a top and ready to quilt up!
In fact, I should be able to hit the ground east of the Mississippi running, with 4 tops ready to go when I get there!
Until then, as far as sewing goes, I am in a holding pattern...packing it up and getting ready to roll!
Minis, and mini minis, off the wall...
I will spare you any more packing is a big transition, and bittersweet!
But long anticipated!
We are excited and happy to be going home! 

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***We will be splitting our time/residency between East and West for the time being. 
So our "farewell" is not as final as all that :)

Monday, May 16, 2016

"Reciprocal Thank You!"

Remember the Wonky Mini Charm Mini I made testing Jayne's aka Twiggy and Opal tutorial?
Well, she was appreciative! Very appreciative! She sent this bundle of sweet Twiggy and Opal-essence out to the hinterlands of the Breaks where I live! Is it silly that I was thrilled by her little Twiggy and Opal labels along with all the goodies?
zippered case, tablet keeper/cover, fabrics, and her Star minimini
The entire bundle of generous abundance is swoon worthy, and totally unexpected, and thrilling! But her "signature" Rainbow Star mini mini about sent me over the edge!!! A mini mini from The Jayne, herself!  I have only seen pictures of these little darlings as they go to and fro across the bloggy/IG quilters land! Obviously, while not technically a swap, my only appropriate response was to make one for her, too :) I learned just yesterday the perfect term for what I felt compelled to do...a Reciprocal Thank You! (you will find the reference in the very last line of this post by Krista @ Poppy Prints Creates!) When the idea of a shadow block, in keeping with her Cool Waters, and my Cool Jayne mini, crossed my mind, well it was pretty much a done deal! 
I had an epic photo shoot in mind, but this is all I was able to manage before the deluge!!!
I had made a test run of a tiny hourglass, too, which is so messy, and stripey, I really couldn't actually give it to anyone, but I did make another for Lorna@SewFreshQuilts, for her exceptional advice and patient ear, another Reciprocal Thank You...but neglected to get a picture, go figure!

 I really had some fun sewing these up, as I had nowhere to go during 7 days of rain! And sew glad to know what to call this wonderful repay-it-giving-feeling, too...thank you Krista@PoppyPrintCreates, for aiding my temporarily water-addled mind!
puddles in my driveway
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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Some April Highlights

I started writing this post so long ago it is ridiculous! 
Meanwhile most of the month has passed, and this has gone from a few random items to including highlights from April....enjoy!

These little notecards...because I could not bear to throw away the snippets from my Mom's little x's.
And another funny paper-block-thing-whatever-it-is, made out of my flour and sugar packaging...
Not really sure what I am doing with these, but they may end up in a kitchen...or in the woodstove, when all is said and done, no worries either is kinda fun to mess around with  :)

I am steadily progressing on this simple 2-color Irish Chain, for my #2 son, Nash.
It made the list for the Q2 FAL, here!
Aaaaand the top is finished, waiting on backing and batting! Yay!

My brother in law has made a few trips to Indy....and Crimson Tate! Oh happy me!!
A little Lotta, Kaffe, Lizzy and Denyse..with a sprinkling of some fun Japanese prints :)

Turkey Season, I mean Spring, has arrived!

I love the complexity of turkey feathers! 
A general greening, with dandelions and some sweet wildflowers are what we get out here.
on my daily walk...when the roads are dry :)

Spring Bear Season also came in, so Hubs and the boys headed 400+ miles across the state, and enjoyed a few days here!!! It was gorgeous 80 degree weather...
 these, on the sign, were the only bears they saw.
Bass, at Trout Creek, MT :)
I think they all enjoyed the change of scenery!**

The day they returned, so did these sweethearts!
tree swallows!
This is the last sunset we have was Saturday, Passover! 
I have had some fun in the several rainy days since...but that will be for another post!

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**in case you might wonder, I stayed home because, well, someone has to feed the dogs! That is the sort version :) No worries, I travel plenty in this amazing state :)