Friday, December 13, 2019

First Q4 Finish!

I started this post on 4 November(!!!) and am finding myself having to play a little bloggy catch up!  Please bear with me, as I have several separate posts/finishes to share before the year, and decade(!!!) wind down!

I got right to it in October, finishing up the oldest quilt top on my Q4 list first!
This is the Meadow Mist Mystery quilt for 2016-17.
I call it "Hanging Basket" because it was from them I chose my colors!
I had thought about adding a border of some kind, but realized it was better to finish it as it is, as let it continue to languish in the UFO pile!

I am giving this quilt to a large Amish family, back in Indiana, the folks who gave me the hanging baskets to begin with. Thinking of the heavy use this might receive, I opted for a polar fleece backing. From Joann's, it is the anti-pill fleece in "Aruba".
I hope they love it! It was so fun to sew along with Cheryl's mystery, and I hope to join another, down the road sometime!


Linda said...

What a beautiful finish! I love the colors, the name, and the reason you made it. Thanks for the info about the anti-pill fleece. I might just order some online since it's 60 miles to my Joann's!

Miss Alissa said...

I love the beautiful simplicity!

Shannon said...

Another beauty! Congrats on getting her done and gifted!