Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Reminders, rather than resolutions.
I would like to have these done by the end of May...as I've said before, a priority!

These may well be in order of importance, but that is accidental. My BOM. There are so many fun finishes and reveals in the In Color Order Flickr group. Check them out!

These sweethearts are getting married, and I simply must make them something! Haven't quite decided what, but I am narrowing it down...No date yet, but I suspect sometime in June.

Same old same old...it will be fun to finish this...it is still here!

Ditto for this one!

I've long admired Jewel Box quilts and would LOVE to use all my "old" fabrics in one! Wouldn't that be great?!

And if I can, and I WILL, get my hands on a layer cake of Honey Honey...this is what I will make from TraceyJayQuilts.

And while I am wish-listing...Color Me Retro will become this Flagged Quilt.

I would also like to make myself a couple of grocery bags..."just do it!"

I don't think I need any reminder for coasters...they are part of any plan for a while to come yet :) I may try my hand at some different styles....eventually :)

I also have a couple barn quilts in the works....
Immediate attention to this one. Different colors, to be sure:)

And probably Spring before we get an accurate compass reading (!) for something like this!

That should be more than enough to keep me busy for much of 2013...if the world as we know it holds together....eesh!

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Gina said...

you are a busy girl!!