Friday, March 29, 2013

Finished Flagged Quilt!

with a light green fleece batting

big zigzag quilting

Thank you Jeni for teaching me the value of trimming...quilting this was a breeze.  No lumps or bumps or "gathers".  And thank you also for another great quilt tutorial, Flagged.  
I really, really want to make this with Jeni's "Color Me Retro"...but first things first :)

This really is an incredible accomplishment for me!  I basically began putting this together March 13th and finished it by the 25th!  Too late to take to the wedding with me, but my goodness, I will be sending it off to Paul and Sarah in the same month as their wedding!  I credit this timely finish to all the wonderful quilty, bloggy friends out there who constantly inspire me and who have taught me so much about this wonderful world of quilting and the possibilities, and who have motivated me to make more quilts!

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rebecca@letsbeoriginal said...

I think the quilt is beautiful! I love the zig zag quilting...just finished one myself with similar quilting. But I am so impressed that you got it done in 12 days! That's really amazing!! Congrats-they will love it.

Angie in SoCal said...

Amazing - and so speedy. I should take lessons from you. I'm making a pair of baby quilts for twins. I wanted to make them for the shower - that didn't happen, so I aimed for the New Year - nah. How about 6 months - nope - the flimsies are made. So new deadline is their big bash of a 1st year party -LOL.

Gemini Jen NZ said...

Lovely colours! Well done!

Unknown said...

i like the simplicity combined with such vibrant colors. thank you for sharing.