Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Really Random May....

My condensed version of a picture a day!  
We take sooo many pictures, and so few do I share on here... some highlights, from this month :)
a glorious day in May

my boys in their happy place

Ben, harassing the wildlife

me. just hangin' with JoAnn

I cannot resist this boy in his hat!

Locust blossoms, such sweet blooms

wee woodies

this orange dish I found myself "visiting" on a regular basis...

...so I brought it home to live with me :)

Ben with a great great grandson of Daniel Boone...who lives in Hawaii!

who doesn't love a turtle?

an impromptu lunch with my MIL :)

ice cream from our favorite country store in Friendship, Indiana

dropping in on my Mom at the Jefferson County Historical Center, because we can :)

he loves me :)


Carla said...

Ohhhhhhh! Thank you for sharing these and a glimpse of you life. Those cowboys of yours are so handsome! The little line of ducklings might be my favorite....I tried to count them...were there 17?!

Gina said...

Fun photos Sarah!! I just love pictures and all of these certainly tell a story! Hope you have a great week!! I am rooting for the Pacer's, are you??

Elle said...

Loved seeing these pictures!