Monday, June 3, 2013

No-Sew Chaps...a tutorial!

An indispensable item for young cowboys everywhere! 
 I had so much fun with these when my boys were little, and have long wanted to share this simple instruction.  The boys, and their chaps, were always a big hit at farm machinery shows and 4-H fairs, and the grocery store, for that boys were cowboys everywhere they went, for a long, long of them still is!

All you need for these chaps is a nice sharp pair of scissors and a little pair of jeans your child has outgrown or worn the knees out of:
I actually bought this perfectly good pair at Goodwill this morning!
To begin, just remember these two things:
1.  We are only cutting away from the pants, and
2.  The front will be the back, and the back will be the front.

Starting at the button/snap closure, begin cutting towards each side seam, being extra careful not to hit the metal of the zipper or rivets with your scissors.  The idea here is to save the waistband.
Cut only as far as the side seam, cutting to it, not through it.
Just cut through any pockets or belt loops that may be in the way.
Next, cut down along each side seam to somewhere just below the back pockets, like so...
Cutting straight across the front of the pants leg to just below the crotch, it should end up looking something like this, at this point:
Flipping that front flap down, cut through the leg seams, and back up to the yoke, saving the back pockets, cut along the yoke seam between the two dotted lines.  You don't have to mark this, I just did that for demonstration purposes.

If you look how I have marked the above photo, the section above the solid line will become the "strap" that holds the chap to your young'un's leg...they will place their foot through this when they put them on.  The dotted line is where you cut, from the bottom up leaving the sides to be cut into fringe...gotta have fringe!

You may think the fringe "chunky", but it will roll up and become "stringy", trust me!  
That's it!  They're finished!  
Your cowboy, or girl, will put their feet through the straps in the back, and you will snap/button them in from behind!  A word to the wise, the straps need to be left plenty wide, or they will just rip along the side seam...the configuration above is just right to hold up through many a washing and time on the range!
the originals...much loved
Do you need a vest to go with those chaps?
Li'l Cowboy Vest tutorial here!

Edited to add(Dec 2018): When I made this tutorial, waaay back in 2013, I had no idea how it might travel, through Pinterest and beyond! Have you used this to make chaps for your fellers or gals? I am not very Pin savvy, but if you are on Instagram, I sure would love to see them! You may tag me, @cedarforksarah and use the tag #nosewchaps Thanks so much!!!!
My little cowboys...not so long ago, really
that's Red Ryder and Little Beaver in the lower left corner, thus, the breachcloth with chaps :)


cara fox said...

Precious and I believe lilly will need a pair of these for fall.

Gina said...

I missed this post some how. These are so cute; i love those pictures of your boys!! Makes me wish my boys were small enough to do this for!!

karen said...

Adorable! I lvoe that you made something new out of something old!!

Anonymous said...

Does this work for adults too?

SarahZ said...

The process would work on large or small jeans I am sure...whether or not an adult would care to wear these would be another question altogether! If you give it a try and let us know how it turns out! Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

2022 here and I’d like to thank you for your instructions. Mine came out awesome !

Karen Glover said...

I would definitely wear these. I ride my motorcycle and in the summer when it is really hot, I would prefer to wear bike shorts but there is no protection for your legs. Leather chaps are definitely out but denim is a cooler choice. Thank you for the tutorial.

Anonymous said...

OH my gosh Sarah! I want a pair now!! 😁😆