Sunday, August 11, 2013

Here We Are, again!

Did I mention we moved?  Back to Montana!  We left Indiana on August 1st, and arrived ahead of the rain on August 3rd! Me, one husband, two sons, all three dogs, and stuff!  Whew!
Good-bye awesome Hoosier friends...
and awesome Mommy!

Hello road trip!!!

Cap, Sandy and Tug
some heavy rain in Iowa and eastern South Dakota

a little something to pass the time...we do love to read aloud on trips!

South Dakota is crowded the week of the Sturgis Bike Rally!!!!  What timing!

Our little convoy

Me and my travelling buddy overlooking the Missouri River at Chamberlin/ of our favorite spots on the trip, always!
we do love South Dakota!


end of a long day! But getting sooo close now!
Welcome to Montana!
Ben's occupations...

overtaken by a veritable UHaul convoy!

we can taste it now!

racing that darn rain!!!

We made it!  Home sweet home!
Safe and sound!  Whew!!!!!!!


Shauna said...

Welcome to Montana! I'm in Alberta just north of your new state. Hope you feel settled soon!

Carla said...

Wow, what a long trip....great pictures had us traveling right along. May your next chapter be blessed, Sarah!

Gina said...

What a fun road trip!! That was definite bad timing to be traveling the week of Sturgis but hopefully you were heading out as they were heading in. Glad you made it before the rain and safe and sound! Your son is an awesome artist; love his drawing :)