Friday, August 23, 2013

Settling In

my first ever selvedge project!
We recently returned to Montana, a move that necessitated an eternal short hiatus from any sewing endeavors.  Before we left Indiana, my super handy, and handsome hubby declared, unsolicited, that I would require a designated sewing space upon our return. Elated by this news, my mind has been filling a corner of our bedroom since before we left.  Now that we are here, it is beginning to take shape.
So my finish today is my sewing chair!

Over this last week I have been mulling different patchwork ideas for the cushion, but on a whim, went with the selvedges, which I have been faithfully collecting as per quilty blog standards :)
It was really fun and gratifying to use these beauties! 
Started and finished it last evening!
Now for a sewing machine cover!  Any suggested tutorials would be welcome!

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a maidenhair fern said...

I RECOGNIZE THAT KENMORE! I got one when I was 13. I used it for 30 years. We spent some time in Montana this summer, just beautiful. . . I have a sewing machine cover pinned in my pinterest under sewing projects. It isn't quilted. I figure I'd rather spend the quilting time on a quilt!

SarahZ said...

That cover will definitely fit the bill! THANKS!!!!

Carla said...

Sarah, I sew in my bedroom too! The main downside is no late night sewing when the eyelids won't stay closed. I sure like your little selvage project. Did I tell you that my husband threw mine all away thinking they were trash?? I'm finally speaking to him again..=)

Gina said...

Beautiful selvedge project!! They are addicting :) have fun setting up the rest of your sewing space!!