Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Some September Highlights

We returned to our river bottom home in central Montana in August.  As we establish a new (bed & breakfast) business, begin the new (home)school year, and the new hunting season, we've found our lives to be in the midst of "breathless", "breath-taking", and "taking a breather"! Whew!
Back to bird hunting....
and racing the rain home.

some "new" boots...
...and a new ride

morning walks

where our UPS man is one of the finest men in the state!

super skies

morning mists

perks of the long trail home

the yellow was tangible!

doing what he does...

where they love to be

putting all that manliness to good use ...

weep line, check!

"country road, take me home"

what all the excitement is about!

what morning looks like at my house

new shoes for the new "Breaks Runner"

these give me the "Mom shivers"

quickie curtains, for the "bunk room"

a quickie baby quilt (still in progress)

and a chicken flashback! The boys with Bill, Penny and Crybaby circa 2005

Along with several guests and long distance calls and a new bathroom(!) and other projects in the works, it has been a very full month!  I can't wait to see what October holds for us!

Yesterday just got away from me....and I forgot to post this then!  So here it is today, the first of October! :)
(It's a little embarrassing, really! :) )

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Carla said...

I enjoyed all of your photos, Sarah, and wish you the best in your new business.