Wednesday, January 15, 2014

All Right...I'm In !!

Thank you, once again, to Carla at LollyQuiltz, for inviting me out of my comfort zone! Her sweet "join me, won't you" is so hard to refuse! I know it will be fun, she hasn't mislead me yet! 
 The first time I accepted an invitation from Carla, it was back in 2011, when she opened my eyes to the (Fall) Bloggers Quilt Festival at Amy's Creative Side.  
This time  it is the Finish-A-Long 2014 with The Littlest Thistle!

I do have several projects that are lingering, but several that are on the front burners and I just know I can finish them, kick starting my hopes for many finished quilts for 2014!
Here they are:
1. My Kate Quilt...(what else can I call it?) Honey Honey has been the root of more fabric obsession than I care to admit...and Ms. Spain is back of it all :) And Honey Honey/TraceyJay Treasure Boxes is just too much of a mouthful!

2.  Super Surprise, I can't tell you the name because it would give it away Quilt!  This one has been simmering in my mind for 2 years...ordered the remaining essential fabric yesterday (appropriate squeal noise here!) Maybe the picture gives it away...that's okay because it is going to be GREAT!
3.  Gingham Pinwheels  This started out as an experiment and I refuse to let this cuteness is small now, but I think March is enough time to make it a bit bigger, and I have some gingham jelly roll left :)

4. Happy Healing Quilt a sweet little something for my Mother-in-Law, while she recovers from a tumble she took right before Christmas.  I can't even show you the main fabrics for this one...ordered them yesterday, too...super super excited because they are so perfect!  I know you will think so too!!! This is a picture of what I may use with them, or may not(don't you love a little suspense?!)
the rules clearly state that pulled fabric and a pattern count as a WIP :) this will be so sweet!
So there  are my first quarter projects, all lined up for me to see!  
This should be fun, and productive!  
Thank you Carla, for your irresistible encouragement :)


Michelle Bartholomew said...

Welcome to the Finish A Long!! You have some great projects going. I especially like your treasure boxes. So cute! Best of luck this quarter!

Gina said...

yay for you Sarah! you have lots of pretty projects and it will be fun to see your progress!!!

Katy Cameron said...

Yay for coming out to play! Good luck with your list :o)

Carla said...

Sarah, you rascal! I hope that you find the finish-along motivating, as I do!!
Gingham gets me every time and I've never heard of a jelly-roll of the darlings! Love your go girl!!

Lisa in Port Hope said...

All your projects look great, but the pinwheels are the cutest! Good luck on your list!