Sunday, January 26, 2014

II Pause... > Play !!

A couple of projects were on Pause while I waited for our next trip to town, which occurred Saturday, where our Post Office box was bursting with these bundles of beauty...PLAY!

From Southern Fabric:
Honey Honey on sale for $3.30 per half yard!!  The perfect blue, for binding, and the aqua florette because I love it the most!
I will hand stitch to the back this evening! I absolutely love this line and have enjoyed every second of making this!

From Missouri Star Quilt Co.
will these not make the sweetest "get well" quilt ever?! 
 The 30s solids charm pack was a "Deal of the Day" $1.00!
And if you don't know this about the 30s colors already (I didn't until I handled it in person):  
There are 5 basic colors, with 2 tones of each, a lighter and a slightly darker of:  
5 each of yellow, 4 each of lavender, pink, green and blue

They are really wonderfully perfect with the Posy (!), which is quite the happy, unplanned accident!  And yes, this is my first ever Aneela Hoey! don't ask what took me so long!

And some Premium Kona Bleached Muslin to go with this fun bunch...

I can't wait to show this one off :)

Here's to a happy week!


Carla said...

I am looking forward to seeing what you have planned, Sarah! That Aneela Hoey print is a favorite of mine, as well. Isn't it so sweet!

Gina said...

your Honey, Honey quilt looks so sweet!! i love the charm solids and Posy too!!

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

New fabric is always a happy occasion and you had three parcels at once! Lots of fun sewing with these. The blue binding is just perfect for your quilt.