Monday, March 10, 2014

Chickens and Ducks

 Chickens and I go a ways back...
The first place hubby and I lived as newlyweds was in this wonderful old brick farmhouse at the very end of Chicken Run Road
built in 1814...2 years before Indiana became a state...
all original leaded glass in the windows, 9 exterior doors, wonderful porches, and a large bell in the little tower!

the awesome barn, built in 1856, by the son-in-law!
(and my first "non-class" quilt :) 
newlyweds.....circa 1985
but I digress...
fast forward to little boys and farm stores in March....

glam shot with our little flock...circa 2004
Imagine my overstimulated delight when I happened upon this post, found randomly by "clicking through" on a comment, left on a friend's blog, by ...GrannyMaudsGirl ... Perhaps you know her?
Did you follow that link?  Did you see them?  Don't you love them?
I know! I do too!
So here's the scoop...
Avis @ OhSewTempting has set up a global coop of sorts...with a photo gallery of the growing flock, and ongoing giveaways, as the chickens wing(?) their various ways around the world! be sure to check out all the details! She has dubbed it:
 Chicken Run!!
I was impatient for the next hatchling to be given away, so I jumped in to gather my own little flock:

And in the midst of all this fowl, no! clucking, no! broody excitement....I got mail!!!!
Did anyone else happen to hop around with the recent Moda Spell It With Fabric blog hop?
Well looky what!!!!  I'm a winner!!!
I've never even held a Fat Quarter Bundle before!
Quite the pleasing heft, I must say!
Ducks in a Row, newest collection from American Jane!
oh my goodness!

A little preview is in order, don't you think?
are these not sweet?

the soft-ish green is so intriguing to me...
do you see the new "pezzy"-like print? I would call it "tictac" :)

I just love these "illustrations"....I foresee a couple of those soft block toys for babies... 
yep, tied right back up, by pattern
Whew! What a fine and colorful time I've had around here!
And 60 degrees to boot!
I can't really believe this little trinket, from a first grade friend, has continued to remain in my possession!

that poor thing peeking from the back was the teething object of choice for both boys!
I'm glad they did not get splinters!
                                                     chicken and ducks, taking some sun in the window :)

I hope your Spring is about to bust wide open, wherever you are!!!


Carla said...

Cute, cute,cute! You are reminding me that it is almost time for a trip to Orcheln's with some grandies in tow!

Gina said...

Have you seen the movie Chicken Run? I did a long time ago but have forgotten a lot of it but I remember laughing a lot! I had no idea a quilt block could be made into a chicken?!?! Fun post Sarah and congrats on your winnings!!! I was just looking at that fat quarter stack a couple of days ago. I love the ducks and think you are spot on dubbing the new peasy print as tic tac :)