Monday, March 31, 2014

March Highlights

full river, "ice out"

Ice jams on the Musselshell River were the news of early March. Caused by all the ice of winter breaking up and flowing out, they are an amazing spectacle each year, temporarily flooding lowlands as the water makes it's way around them.  Thankfully, the flooding did not affect our little bend of the river!

my guys, on a bright warm-ish day!


ice feathers? butterfly wings? the patterns of the Creator repeat themselves :)

it was fun for this Mom to spy her kid up a tree again :)  he has always been a tree climber, but the opportunities are a bit limited out here, compared to the midwest.
blusterous winter light

a couple little notecards I made using 4x6 index cards :)

Sandhill cranes are always a highlight!

I could take a picture just about every morning...I never tire of that first brilliance of the day:)

And one final note...have you been aware of the "Modern Madness" taking place over on the Fat Quarterly blog?  It is a fun take on the Basketball mania, where all the fabric lines of 2013 are "bracketed" and voted on each round, by us, until we have a "Champion" collection!  It is time for Round 2 sorry for not posting about this sooner...but there is still plenty of time to root for your favorite collection!!! A few of my favorites are still "in the game" :)

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Carla said...

I loved all of your scenery and the reminder about the voting! Thanks, Sarah.