Saturday, May 31, 2014

Love Dove in Big Sky Country!

The newest member of my little flock flew in from Virginia Tuesday! (THANK YOU Wanda!!!)
Her timing couldn't have been better, as we were en route to a mountain camping trip!
Welcome to Big Sky Country Love Dove!
She was unruffled by an evening storm that rolled through!
bright fresh morning for a hike!

yep! we are headed...UP!

this almost makes me dizzy!

hold onto yer hat, Nash!

 We were all lovey-dovey once we made the top! 
Taking in a little alpine sunshine!

can you spot the boys?

These flowers were so pretty, and a surprise up high!

The boys really enjoyed fishing for trout...a nice change from our usual catfish.

 Mountains are such a refreshing change for us "prairie chickens"!

A change of scenery as we head for home.

This week I will be "hatching out" a few more chickens for the next relay of the Chicken Run!
So please join me for
  my very first ever
You will have a chance to win a chicken!

(I am a little excited!)


Gina said...

Well, your little chick had quite an excursion!!! The mountains are gorgeous!

SarahZ said...

It was pretty comical, really! She became quite the camp fixture :)