Saturday, June 7, 2014

May Highlights

It has been a busy bloggy week, but I haven't forgotten May!!!
Ahhh, Spring!
 cattle return to the range
 with their calves :)
 Spring climbed back up!
 horny toads are always a highlight!
 grumpy pants :)
 spring showers
 another horny toad! bonus highlight :)
 to the mountains, looking for bear
 and fishing with the neighbor :)
 hubs fixed my foot pedal!  definite highlight!
 the boys got to do some branding with a neighbor
 morning skys are the best
 I love this not-so-little guy
 back to the mountains again
 evening skies are the best!
 I love this pretty-darn-big guy! 
 Our Tug got bit by a rattlesnake...he is just fine a day later
 I made a cute little basket :)
 bull snake...note the round pupil, if you can see it..."nice" snake
 a morning rainbow
 more mountains!
 always looking for something!
 brook trout over fire
 prairie rattler...slit pupil..."not nice" snake
pretty horse, to take your mind off the reptiles :)
handsome morning visitor

Happy Summertime!


Gina said...

What a busy month and beautiful photos!! Good tip about the snake eyes...I had never heard that before! The rattlesnake looks so big and had a lot of rattles and looks like he is about to strike. Yikes!! The horny frog is cute :)

Carla said...

What an adventure your life is, Sarah! Thanks for sharing....except for the snakes. Ha! Fortunately, I haven't seen one yet this year...hope I don't...nice or not!

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

A beautiful tour through May! Is the last a pheasant? We don't have those in Australia - nor bears, but we have our fair share of nice and not-nice snakes. I've never seen a toad with a tail!
Pleased your sewing machine pedal is fixed! I love all the mountains, I was raised amongst wonderful lush mountains.