Friday, July 18, 2014

A Little Friday Fun

Today started like this....I wanted to share all these decisions with you!
free HSTs from Fly Home quilt
I just left these all over the floor yesterday, and rearranged them every time I came in for a break from the heat!  And if I "randomized" them, there would be that many more options!!! I am in no real hurry to decide...but we're percolatin' :)

Then Ben and I went to town...

And this was going on!
The first day of weekend long festivities to celebrate 100 years of life in Winnett! 
Main Street was just a-hoppin'!
And lo and behold, through this inauspicious door....
 County quilts were on display!
 What an unexpected treat!

 The fabrics were fascinating to me!
 How beautiful!
 I thought this was very appropriate, given my HST quandary of the hour :)
 Look at those patterns, will you!!!

The town was a-buzz with activity for the Centennial Celebration!
Ben and I both took rides in the antique autos...but missed out on the horse wagon.
We went to a yard sale!
Rounded out the afternoon with a sheep dressing contest at the rodeo grounds!

 Then it was time for the long road home
 But it was a different road than usual.
 A welcome change of scenery :)
Commemorative postcard
Happy 100 years, Winnett, Montana!


Gina said...

what a fun day!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah, thanks for stopping by and leaving me both kind words and the link for "No-reply blogger", an interesting read for sure. It's unfortunate that stuff is actively made more difficult for people, but what can one expect, I guess.

Thanks for sharing the quilt photos, they brightened my day! And it seems like you live in quite a rural location; yay for the internet :)

China Ali said...

Chevron is best arrangement.