Monday, August 25, 2014

Of Foot Pedals and Handy Husbands

  If your machine begins to hit warp speed every time you touch the pedal, all is not lost...
It helps to have a handy husband, but is completely fixable with a screwdriver and a pocketknife.

A screwdriver to unscrew, then pry the bottom plate off the foot pedal...

A pocketknife to fleck that bothersome, crusty little knob off that brass lever.
The hubs tells me that the formation of that "knob" is the result of a little bit of "arcing", and that it is actually a little piece of built up"slag" or metal, causing premature contact, resulting in aforementioned "warp speed".
Sounds reasonable to me!
 Thanks Honey!

Until it builds up again, we are off and hummin'!


Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

Good job! If something so simple can see you off and sewing safely again then that's great. Your current quilting is looking good too.

Gina said...

Yay for working sewing machines, simple fixes, and handy husbands!!!