Tuesday, September 2, 2014

August Highlights

Two words for August:
Fire and Flood !
 But smoke can make for some purty pictures :)

Then it rained...
 and the river rose...
from 3-4 ft to a little over 14 ft!!

the boys always make the most of it!
see what I mean!


 and kept rising!

I don't think we have to worry about fire anymore...
our driveway
I killed this bugger under our front porch!
a prairie rattle snake...thank you Tug, for the warning!
 Everything was a mite bedraggled after 3 days, and 10" of rain!

okay, three words
Fire, Flood and Turkeys...
many turkey broods spent many August days around and about our house!
There was sewing too:)

no storm lasts forever!

Is it crazy  I could not resist the pattern of mud on this window?
I crack me up sometimes! :)

One more month of  this quarter...I better get busy, I've no Finish Along finishes to show for it yet!!!
my happy sunny August faces!


Gina said...

August was an exciting month!! hopefully September is not so eventful and you can get to those finishes! You sure do live in a pretty part of the country!!!

Carla said...

Oh, me, oh my! I don't know which is worse...fire, flood or....snakes!! I'm sure glad that none of the three got in your house!
(Sarah, I am not able to leave comments on your blog when reading them in bloglovin'.)

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

The rain will bring new growth after the fires and lovely clean air. You live in a beautiful land. At first glance I thought the mud on the window was a flock of birds. Seems you will have some wonderful meals of fresh water fish!