Friday, October 3, 2014

In Other News...(September Highlights)

 It is time to get these off to their respective babies!  
New babies are so exciting, aren't they!
 Last week my Dad traveled to Montana for a conference and we were so fortunate that our schedules allowed for an overnight visit in Billings!
 I think he liked his barn quilt!
 We enjoyed a good supper downtown.  
It was a treat for all of us, as we haven't had him "to ourselves" in too long!
I just love that man!

 Since he drove out instead of flying, my Mom sent a few goodies along, including these lovelies!
I think those bottom two will find their way onto the back of my Flowering Snowball glad I didn't rush getting something else!
Together they also brought this poignant gift to the boys.
When I was growing up, my Dad had more chess sets than some folks have books.
(He also happens to have waaaaay more books than chess sets!)
This set brings back a sweet time and place to my mind and heart.
Of course it is a favorite with the boys as well!

My Mom restocked our wonderful soap supply!
And one of my sisters stuffed a gift bag full of Godiva, wine, M&Ms, almonds, punkins, t-shirt, bubbles, birthday napkins, and specially, the print of one of her drawings!
I feel so loved!
We also had some (uncommon) leisure to browse some antique shops
I didn't even have to think about this $4.00 beauty...I clutched it quickly to my bosom and scurried to the register with it!! ;)

And to round out the "highlights" for the month...
We made several trips to the mountains
It is always fun to see what the boys photograph in their travels :)
Actually, we let this guy go, but it was a bit comical to see how he had caught himself :)

Ben wanted his picture with this sign, commemorating Charley Russell, one of, if not his very favorite artist.


Gina said...

Fun highlights Sarah!! Glad you had a nice visit with your dad and he liked his sign, I love those fabrics that your mom sent!! You deserve to be spoiled and I hope you had a very Happy Birthday!!!

lelandavestudios said...

What a fun post to read! Love seeing all the goodies in your care package from your mom! And the photos of the mountains -- stunning! Congrats on all of your finishes!

Carla said...

I always enjoy seeing your life through your blog posts, Sarah!

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

A wonderful month and a very special visit from your Dad! The barn quilt looks amazing and your boys are growing up so quickly.