Friday, October 2, 2015

September Highlights

Back again for an overdue look at some home life "Highlights"!
Might as well start off with this smiling face!

the boy and his dog :)
We had a couple of eagerly anticipated visitors from our hometown!
friends and campfires...
Whose visit coincided with eagerly anticipated time with some seasonal neighbors!
friends and back porches!

A random yard picture, for good measure :)

It seems this time of year always highlights how we are all quite taken with the Sharptail Grouse!

 Look at silly them!

At the beginning of this month, our oldest son started his "first" job, with the State of Montana!

He is a "Hunter Access Technician" for the Block Management program, a short term (4 month) position which requires a lot of driving!
In his daily travels, he stops at a shop, an oasis, called "Bohemian Corner". The proprietress, Becki, has become a wonderful friend to our family, and she sent this surprise package home with Ben one day last week.
the book is a memento not only of this place, but also of another dear friend.
Becki really outdid herself with this one! 
Maybe Ike lived in a place like this
or this?
Ben is really covering some ground!
 he brings us wonderful pictures of his far flung travels
pronghorn antelope

Ben, of the Breaks <3
He makes it home for supper :)


Lara B. said...

Ben of the Breaks looks very happy! Almost as happy as the smiling pup, who looks a lot like our "Olive" You have some very wonderful times together with your family and friends Sarah. It is so beautiful where you live. I am intrigued about the book and will look it up. One of our favorite books was "My Side of the Mountain" and I am guessing that there might be some similarities.

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

Lots of good things happening in your corner of the world Sarah. So good when children bring back photos of their travels, helping you piece together where they've been and have a sense of joining in on their journeys.