Wednesday, October 14, 2015


A peak at progress on my Little HST project...
Did I share this already? I think only on Flickr...
Karen @ Pieces of Contentment shared the inspiration for this little "hack" for using thread cones :)
**note the safety pin taped to my machine :)
This little blue lid had been tucked away for years, without any purpose...
...until now!  A perfect fit! It would never have occurred to me to use a cone of thread otherwise....Many Thanks, Miss Karen!

In other random news:
I fancy that I am building a stash of Denyse Schmidt fabrics...and thus the motive of a recent random "DS" search on Etsy...where I found this irresistible deal, and discovered a fun maker/supplier in the process! WeatherKim!
I tend to find new Etsy shops so randomly! Do you have any fun, favorite Etsy shops to share? Let me know in the comments...I would love to visit them!
Happy Mail, indeed! Wow!

As you may gather, stash building is a piecemeal and fanciful endeavor around here :)

On a final and totally random note, I include a photo of my "Best Mom Ever" moment from yesterday!
"Moms picking up roadkill to bring to their babies at home!"
 Ha! I cannot tell you the times in the last couple of years this boy has begged me to stop the truck for smooshed porcupines so he could get a few quills! Well yesterday was his lucky day...I went to town solo, and came upon this fresh-ish specimen and had to retrieve it! A mother's love knows no bounds! Haha!
*edited to add this photo of the quills and guard hairs he procured :) I don't know his plans for these, but would guess some of them will make their way to friends afar :)

Happy Wednesday!
Not missing out on the Let's Bee Social party @ Lorna's!


TheEclecticAbuela said...

When I was a kid, we raised an orphan owl. We sometimes stopped for fresh roadkill to supplement his diet. Good job, Mom!

Salmagundi said...

You ARE a super mom -- even in my heyday I wouldn't have done that! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. To answer your question - yes, the Betsey block is just a flying geese unit and two HST units -- easy, easy and so much fun just mixing up fabrics. Sally

Gina said...

I love your little hst's!!! And your DS acquisitions too!!!! What a great mom you are; does your boy use the quills to write with?

Gina said...

Of course you are a super mum. I love your HST project

Lorna McMahon said...

I'd be interested to see what becomes of the quills. Do you know how hard it is to type quills without automatically typing quilts!!!!

JanineMarie said...

Your tiny HSTs are adorable! And thanks for sharing your cone hack. I am tired of moving my cone holder between machines and was just wondering today what I could do to make one.

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

Loved seeing the porcupine quilts! For some reason I had thought they were similar to our echidnas (similar to a hedgehog) but obviously this is not quite so, the porcupine seems to have softish quills, not spines. What a great Mom!