Monday, October 3, 2016

Finish Along 2016 Q4!

For months now my "linky" abilities have been greatly curtailed, while our main computer is held hostage by the repair service, ahem.  I am trying to hobble things together as I go along with the ipad and a borrowed laptop! Thank you for bearing with me!

2016 FAL

Without further ado, here is my Q4 FAL list:
1. Nash's Irish Chain
A hold over from Q3, I brought it with me to Montana for our hunting/winterizing/could-be-here-awhile trip, which began first week of October and will continue through....?
The top is pieced, all it needs is a backing and batting...just going with a plain white, it is what the Nash wants :)

2. Ben's Peaks and Paddocks Quilt, also brought forward from Q3
I did not bring this with me, but if we get back before the end of the quarter, this would be a priority. 
It is second from the top in this photo...
Like Nash's, the top is done...we will go with a red and black buffalo plaid backing for this one, I think.

3. Friedlander HST Bliss
Based on this mini, made from a single mini charm pack this Summer, I splurged and bought 5 charm packs of Carolyn Friedlander's Doe (3 packs) and Carkai (2 packs), to make a full sized throw version of this. I really never get tired of HSTs...they are my thing. And yes, they made the trip :)
And I have now officially entered the Carolyn Friedlander Fan Club :)

I think that is all for my list. 

Meanwhile, I did have another Q3 finish that I just couldn't get blogged and linked in time, which is okay. But I did want to share that I got my "Frontier Garb" made for the September National Shoot for the NMLRA...the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association, held annually in Friendship, Indiana.
Also a couple new linen shirts for the boys.
Here we all are at "The Block House", headquarters of the Primitive Range at Friendship.
The big checked fabric I used for the top is a wonderfully lightweight woven I picked up at WalMart...Waverly brand. I would like to get some more and make another shirt the same style as the boys' shirts...maybe in a few different colors...they also had it in black/gray/white, and red.

Thanks so much for stopping by! I feel a bit more caught up now! 
I have some fun things going on while back out here in Big Sky Country...will be sharing more soon!


Danette said...

These goals are lovely! I just love the outfits, too. Looks fun!

Lisa J. said...

Great goals. I love the HST's.

Puppilalla said...

Nice list. Good luck finishing some projects.

Nicky said...

Have fun with that list!