Friday, December 30, 2016

Best of 2016!

It comes as no surprise to me that the beginning of the year 2016 held the most and the best of everything, sewing and blogging-wise. It was such fun to revisit what seems so long ago and far away from where I sit today! Not that where I sit is bad, mind you, just a whole different cadence of sewing, blogging and online visiting!

Thank you Cheryl, for your Best of 2016 linky party, for the opportunity and the motivation to do just that, blog and visit!

So, in chronological order, as it turns out, my own personal favorite finishes of 2016, which also happen to be my favorite posts, AND the posts with the most views and comments! Go figure...we are all on the same page over here at Cedar Fork Stitches, I love it!!!! Each title is linked to the corresponding post...go ahead and click em!
1. Cool Jayne! My first finish of the year and still one of my all time favorite things, ever!!

2. Birthday Cushion Covers for Greg! Second/third finishes of the year. Completely out of my ordinary in design and color! So. Much. Fun! And yes, he loves them!

3. Great Grandmother's Dresdens!  That's right, my fourth finish! Not as high on the "views" list, but one of my fave finishes and I just love the pictures my youngest helped me get with this one! 1 Dresden quilt down, 4 Dresden quilts to go! 

4. Flowering Snowball in "Weeds"!  This was perhaps my happiest finish...the longest anticipated, for sure, begun in 2014 with Mary Duggan/Molly Flanders Snowball-Along! First ever layer cake, first ever perle cotton quilting...first ever Flowering Snowball!! 
5. Love and Kisses...for my Mother's 80th birthday in March! In reviewing my blog for this linky, I spent far and away the most time just lingering over each photo in this post! I sure do love my Mama, and am so happy I came up with such a cute little gift of love for her! I am also tickled that 80, in Roman numerals is LXXX...which is the same in my mind as Love and Kisses!

I hope to get around and see the posts that you all find to be special in one way or another! I really love and appreciate you all, my online quilty bloggy friends! Thanks for stopping in from time to time! Your hellos are always a welcome bright spot on even the sunniest of days! 
Happy New Year!


Cheryl said...

Great posts, I enjoying seeing some of your wonderful finishes! Thanks for linking up with the Best of 2016 linky party!

Erin Quinn said...

I just stumbled on your blog after seeing your rainbow heart on Twiggy and Opal. I just wanted to say that it's just gorgeous. looking forward to seeing some of your makes in 2017.
E xx