Sunday, February 25, 2018

Little Things and Snow Days

February has happened!
And some of you may know that for 20 days of it, we were completely snowbound!
Suffice it to say, I had plenty of sewing time on my hands!
In my last post, you can see my Carolyn Friedlander HST quilt!
That was fun!
And then Bernie at Needle and Foot supplied another source of sewing motivation through her "Spread the Love/Quilting For Kids" quilt drive, for A Doll Like Me!
Put me down for 2, Bernie!
18" x 18"
I had grand plans for HST quilts, but came across a beautiful jelly roll I had won some time ago, by Verna Mosquera, and so made this log cabin! I put my newly acquired machine binding skills to good use on both these doll quilts!
For the second doll quilt I was able to use a few leftover blocks from my Tumble Bug quilt, (pattern available in my Etsy shop!) along with some sweet pastel solids!
16" x 24"

I dug out some long forgotten flannel for the back of this one!

Along with the doll quilts, I took this snowbound opportunity to make a few other little things.
A pot holder for my sister...I am going to make her a couple or a few, but ran short of insulated batting, so this is it for right now...
Scrap happy playtime, for sure!

I made a little coaster for a gal in the courthouse, who has had a lot on her plate with the terrible road situation....
I am hoping this will bring thoughts of an early Spring!

I am also doing a little mini swap with an IG friend, always fun!
 I used one of my favorite orphan blocks, which made me love it even more!
 After playing with all these "littles", I was ready to bring out a fun project that has been waiting patiently since last year....mmmm!
But it really deserves it's very own post, so stay tuned, it shall have it shortly!

We were finally able to get out and to town, and have been twice just because we could!

Linking up with the Doll Quilt Wrap Up and Parade at Needle and Foot!
 A few of our February visitors!


Tanya Quilts in CO said...

Wow--I cannot imagine being snowbound for 20 days! I would get lots of sewing done, but I would sure get sick of no fresh veggies and fruits. I love everything you made and look forward to your other project post.

Barb Neiwert said...

We've not had much snow here in the south central mountains of Idaho this year. Last year was totally different story, and our wild animals starved. Glad to see feeding the deer! Your quilty projects are great! Lots of love going out in little stitches.

Bernie Kringel said...

You are a very patient person to survive 20 days of being snowed in with such a sweet attitude - who knows maybe you went out and screamed a bit - I know I would have!!
Love the doll quilts so very much. Also the little gifts you made!! So nice Sarah. :-)

JanineMarie said...

Sewing sounds like the perfect way to cope with being snowbound--although I can imagine some cabin fever, too. Looks like you directed cabin fever the best way with a log cabin quilt! Your doll quilts are going to make some little kiddies so happy! I love your other scrappy projects, too! So colorful in your white world! Looks like you are taking good care of your visitors. I noticed the other day that the neighborhood rabbits helped us with some pruning of our burning bushes during our latest snowfalls. That's okay with me--less pruning to do myself later.

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

Lots of time for creative sewing and it seems you have used it well. I guess the quilting and creative thinking helps the time to pass much better too.