Thursday, July 18, 2019

My Q3 FAL List!

One of the things that I really like about the Finish-A-Long is that instead of just one 'jump start", at the beginning of the year, you get 4 "jump starts", at the beginning of each quarter! 
And that works for me!
So here we are, mid-July, with a whole new bright and shiny quarter ahead of us!
Let's go!

1.  Rapala Pillow
I bought this panel from a quilt shop Spring 2018, meaning to make a pillow for hubs, and well, here I am...better late then never!
I have the top assembled and ready to quilt up!
I think I will try and practice some simple FMQ on this!

2.  Barton Baby Quilt
My sweet cousin and her wonderful husband are with child!
So of course I get to celebrate with a quilt!
A simple Ohio Star quilt, inspired by a Missouri Star Quilt Co pattern and a sweet quilt I saw on Instagram while browsing the #ohiostarquilt hashtag! Do you all ever just browse the hashtags on IG?
I love to see all the variations of blocks I am pondering!

3.  Simply Flying
My Denyse Schmidt Flying Geese quilt has languished all year, even with a backing ready to go! Seriously Sarah, QUILT this already!

4.  Meadowland

I bought the backing for this quilt just this week, so hopefully I can get this beauty all wrapped up by end of September!

5.  Little Miss Sunshine
 An HST happy quilt, I have the units all made and trimmed, just finalizing a layout.

 I have saved this Jolly Bar a long time, and wish I was making this for myself, but it was undeniably just too perfect for a young, soon-to-be-married couple. Just perfect, I say!

The wedding is coming up fast, in August, so I better get my rear in gear!

That is all for me this quarter! By limiting my list, I hope it helps me focus during the Summer busyness I foresee in the next few months! Let's do this, shall we?!

Linking up with the Finish A Long, just under the wire!


Linda said...

That fishing lure fabric is crazy cute! I love Ohio Stars; that will be a beauty, and your Meadowland is stunning.
Good luck with your goals!

Lisa in Port Hope said...

Entirely do-able I say. Now go sew!

Nicole said...

Great projects and a manageable list! Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2019 global FAL hosts. ;)