Saturday, December 29, 2012


The time has come to apply myself to the completion of this/these quilts! These dresdens came to me from my Great Grandmother Gertrude via my Mom. There are 20 blocks, multiple extra pieces, ice cream cone borders, sashings and posts, additional yardages of the purple and yellow. It is an amazing treasure, and I wish I could convey the beauty of these fabrics! My Mother stored these in archival, acid free paper, and they are in wonderful condition. I will be making five quilts instead of one, so as to share with my four sisters. And there is enough here to make a surprise something for my mother as well! This is THE priority of the new year...I am excited to see the quilts take shape!
I am clueless as to how to take optimal photos...maybe the pictures will improve as I work on this!
I love the purpley yellow orbs in the upper left...they make me think of olives!
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Gina said...

amazing story!! Lucky you to have these handed down to you and your lucky siblings to have you turning these blocks into quilts!!