Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New To Me!

I love this idea! Especially since seeing a pillow in a sweet local shop that seemed to taunt me, asking: "When was the last time you did something for the first time?" OOOOOH! I thought that hurt, until I got home, talking about it and thinking about it...and now this linky party to show off just what I've done for the first time!!!!

Now, I know this isn't a pretty, but having been married to a carpenter lo these many years, I am proud that I have finally used a drill press! For the first time! I drilled all these holes! (They are for gymnastics equipment we build for a national supplier who happens to be local for us...any gymnasts out there?)

And I made these by foundation piecing...for the first time! New to me! It was fun...they aren't finished in this pic, but have since been finished!

The fabric is Sand Hill Plums, by Kansas Troubles... I won a big box of ends and strips a year or two ago :)

I hope to do something new, for the first time next month too!!!
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Celtic Thistle said...

Drilling and foundation piecing for the first time in one month, now that is impressive!

Thanks for linking up too.