Friday, November 15, 2013

What Would We Do?

without Finish it up Friday?  I had to give that a thought yesterday, as I fretted, awaiting the weekly posting at CrazyMomQuilts.  I was excited because I am always excited, and still a bit surprised, when I have a finish to share!  So I went to bed kinda sad, but thinkin', "Well, it's a lot for someone to do something like that, can I expect her to do it for, like, the rest of her life?!"  I didn't give it much thought in the hustle bustle of this morning, but imagine my sheepish joy when I saw her post this afternoon!!!!  (ahhh, yes!  it was Thursday yesterday!!)

So HAPPY FRIDAY folks!  Enjoy and appreciate all that our blogging friends and mentors do for us, to keep us inspired, motivated, and finishing!!!
Thank you Amanda Jean!  So sew much!!!!  

I finished my "Orange Overload" quilt.  A spur of the moment project I started and finished since being back in Montana (August).  It is a gift for a new friend that I left in Indiana, a "sister-in-orange", as it turns out.  I hope she finds many hours of comfy coziness, wrapped in a funny orange quilt, that is all hers!  I am sure I will add pictures of her with it, once I am able to give it to her....

my handsome, if a bit ratty, helpers! they were the models of patience with their Mother :)

There are a few more pictures here.... Thanks for stopping by!


Sara said...

In love with your photo backdrop! OH and a stunning quilt it is!

Carla said...

I love chevron quilts, Sarah. This is such a great one with the bits of purple sprinkled in. Your photos are are those boys!

Gina said...

Gorgeous quilt and photos Sarah!! I am sure it will be cherished!!!

Kat said...

Great quilt, I love the colors! It's beautiful, wherever you live, and your quilt holders are cute!