Friday, February 28, 2014

Take A Hike...

...with me!
Do you have places that you see, coming or going, or both...that you think to yourself:  "I want to go to that spot!"

"The Knoll" is one of those, for me.  Always a familiar part of the not-so-distant horizon.  
Yesterday, my son Nash, his dog, Tug and I went to that spot.

In the interest of full disclosure right from the start, this is a looong hike, with many pictures...come along if you like :)

Tug, at large!
(our grocery store is beyond those distant mountains!)

new horizons:)

we followed a 2-track most of the way

I can't explain this one...I just liked it...looking straight up the hill, the brilliance of the day :)

fresh elk tracks!  maybe we will see some!

the final approach!

do you want to see what is on the other side?
there 'tis!

a little cloud cover as we approached the crest of The Knoll!  

I am inexplicably thrilled to be here today!!!

making our way along the ridge/crest

taking in the view, looking for those elk!

looking back the way we came

me, with a cool rock/tree behind me :)

Tug, checking for varmints!

there are those elk!  do you see them? (on the white ridge in the middle ground!)

this is a region called The Breaks of the Missouri/Musselshell Riversin Central Montana

time to head back

Nash:  ".... just a little farther Mom"
(can you spot the subject of my new header photo, on the right?)

a whole 'nother world of cool rock formations!

I almost expected to see the Flintstones right here ;)

okay, now we're headed back

4 legs would come in awfully handy for the return uphill trip!

one more cool rock

ahhh, the Jeep!

Thanks so much for joining us!  Wasn't that fun? 

looking back, from the county road on the way home...
been there!


Gina said...

pretty pictures Sarah!! it is hard to get real perspective from a photo but that looked like a veeeery looong hike!!!

SarahZ said...

Thanks Gina! Nash and I agree the best way to cover this country is probably from the back of a horse! Now if I can only find someone with an extra to take me along! :)