Monday, March 24, 2014

Free HSTs!!!

Two different projects this year have afforded me two sets of free HSTs (Half-Square Triangles).  You may or may not know that I will take an HST any way I can!  They are truly my "first love" of quilt units, and I haven't left them yet :)

I thought I would share how I came by these freebies, in case you get a chance for some yourself, down the quilting line!

The first bowlful came from a quilt near and dear to my heart:
The free HSTs "came from" the corners inside the white band.
It is no mystery how to do this, it just takes an extra step or two...
When drawing the stitch line from corner to corner, simply measure 1/2 inch from that line, and stitch it too.
Cut between the two lines of stitching with scissors or rotary cutter, and voila!
A bowl full of free HSTs!  80, to be exact!

And here is what I made with my little bowl of pretties:
 Spring Windows is tiny, measuring 12" x 14"
and is just in time for my Mother's spring birthday, and spring table :)

My other set of HSTs came from a quilt that is still in-progress
Happy Stack/Fly Home quilt

for which I made my first ever "flying geese" blocks!
Another wonderful opportunity for some freebies!
Again, after marking your stitch line from corner to corner, mark another line 1/2" from it...

Stitch both lines...a little extra sewing now, makes for a free, fun project just ready and waiting for later :)

I will have some fun with these....
I hope this has been a help to some of my new quilty friends :)


Gina said...

So kind of like getting 2 for the price of 1! Your mini hst is so cute!!!

Unknown said...

so cool and that mini is so so cute