Monday, May 19, 2014

Color Me Happy Candy Sampler

Way back in January I found out the Fat Quarterly was looking for submission ideas for using mini charm packs.  I had several ideas for charm packs drawn out and thought they would work equally well with the mini charms, so I thought, "Why not?" and posted my ideas.  Lo and behold I was one of several gals whose ideas were accepted!  I was really excited, and kinda nervous too!
Candy packs are so darn cute!
The girls at Fat quarterly were so nice to work with...encouraging the creative liberty to make just about anything!  I've never done something like this and they really made it a pleasure!  

One "Candy Pack" and lots of HSTs later...
and I had myself a sweet little simple sampler!
I love all the colors in this line!
candy striped back
This is in the current issue, Number 17 (!!!) many fun projects using mini charms and also other precuts as well.
Little four patch blocks!
Yep, there is a mistake! Can you spot it?
I never did, until it was bound! 
**smiling and shaking head**
I machine quilted the sashings and hand quilted the little 3 inch blocks
I would have loved to have had some perle cotton on hand!

"Candy Sampler"
19" x 19"
fabric: Color Me Happy by V and Co.
binding and stripes on back: Simply Style, also by V and Co.

This is my entry in the mini category for 

I am really happy to share this with you!  
Thanks so much for stopping by!


stitchingandbacon said...

This is super cute! I love it. Congratulations on your publication. This is such a perfect mini-charm project. Well-deserved!

Gina said...

So cute!! So fun to make charm blocks with a mini charm!!! Congrats on being published; you make amazing projects!!

CitricSugar said...

It's not a mistake - it's a creative decision! :-)

It's beautiful.

Carla said...

So cute and so proud of you!!

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

I really, really like this one!

a maidenhair fern said...

It's just darling. I did find your mistake, but it took me 5 minutes. I never would have found it if you hadn't mentioned it. I love all the different blocks. Just. Plain. Cute!

Anonymous said...

It's gorgeous! Congratulations on being published :-)

Di said...

Congratulations on being published, Sarah! Your mini quilt is so sweet and cheerful and I really had to look hard for that "deliberate mistake" :-) This is a tiny stunner!

Cheryl said...

Congrats on being published!

Wendy said...

that really is so cute! I never think of making blocks with candies, I just tend t use them as small squares!

Judy@Quilt Paradigm said...

This is absolutely adorable! Totally NOT finding the mistake. I say there isn't one :) No, really I studied every one. I don't see it. I do however know that for me taking a picture and looking at what I am working on is the only way I see 'potential design changes' ;)