Tuesday, June 17, 2014


There are a few things floating around here that have never made it into a post of their own....fun and funny little things!
Like this little gem!
My husband spotted this on display during a local art show.
This looks like a must-read, don't you think?!

And these beauties that belong to my Hoosier neighbor Joyce.
 Her grandmother was a dressmaker in Ohio.
I imagine she had plenty of scraps!
 What a treasure to have!
 Her grandfather was a tailor.
 This is made from suit scraps :)
 A cross stitched beauty!
I loved having the opportunity to handle and photograph these beautiful heirlooms.
Joyce was tickled to share them and their stories with someone else who appreciated them.

An heirloom of my own.
A counted cross stitch needlepoint quilt block sampler!
I treasure this!
Stitched by my dear Aunt Lynne.
Who taught classes in the Chicago area for years!
L.A.C. 1999
I received this as a gift last year when she and my Uncle moved to a smaller home.
My Mother's best friend from childhood, they married brothers,
And are best friends still :)
Mom, left, Aunt Lynne, right
Thank you so much Aunt Lynne!

And I finished a quilt yesterday!
But this will certainly get it's own post soon!

That about takes care of things for now!

***please excuse the dark corners on so many of my pictures.  Our camera was dropped some time ago with it's lens extended, on concrete, and the shutter has never quite recovered.  We won't mention any names...

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Gina said...

oh wow!!! those quilts are amazing!!! there is nothing worse than camera woes for those of us who depend on our cameras :(

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

Lots of treasures here! Only a few days ago did I first hear of whole cloth cross stitch quilts - and here you are sharing another. The needlepoint smaller is beautiful too.

Shame about your camera - I guess you can try and compensate by cropping many photos as it look s like you have done.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for honoring my grandparents with such wonderful pictures of the quilts! I have fond memories making the 'suit quilt' with my grandfather. He never used an electric machine and I 'inherited' his well used/loved treadle sewing machine. My grandfather wore a vest and suit daily and always had his brim hat nearby!
The doll quilt is very special to me. I recognize materials from various dresses my grandmother made. We had a special bond and I keep the quilt hanging in my bedroom, so I think of her every time I look at the quilt. She was a strong faithful woman that I adored.

SarahZ said...

Thank you friend, for the details that make the pictures :) I am so glad you shared these with me, both the quilts and the memories!! :) (I could look at those dresses all day!!!)

Anonymous said...

Wow! You have got quite a collection going on here. However, I have a real soft spot for needlepoint and I've done several pieces myself. Your Aunt certainly has a gift for it. What a beautiful present! At the moment I'm planning a cross stitch patchwork quilt lookalike.....but I may get side tracked ;-)