Wednesday, September 10, 2014

It Started Better than it Finished!

It started with a can of beautiful aqua spray paint...
My ironing board makeover!
I found the perfect orange to go with it...
I was hoping to be able to use the old cover as a pattern, along with it's elastic.
It was evident that wouldn't work as soon as I took it apart because the elastic band was soo was beyond me how I could accomplish attaching it to a new fabric. 
So I looked at a couple different tutorials, and when AmandaJean recovered hers last week, it pushed me over the edge...I had to commit to finish this!
I could handle this, surely...
 Actually not really even close!
 Believe it or not, I had my board up on the table, tracing around it etc etc.
It is so pitiful! It is just balanced on that board, barely hangin' on!

I see a trip to WalMart in my near future...for a new ironing board cover!
On the bright side, I have a couple nice pieces of orange Lotta to put in a much more deserving project!
could it be my subconcious self couldn't bear the thought of this fabric becoming all used up on the ironing board? hmmmm  


Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

I make an ironing board cover - once. I ended up tying in on the board underneath after fitting the nose end well.
I agree that there are better uses for good fabric - and your time and effort. Hope you find a nice cover, and a wonderful project for your 'bonus' fabric!

Gina said...

i am in the buy an ironing board cover not make it club too!! its easier!!

Shauna said...

I just had to replace mine too and decided that my time would be better spent in actually quilting and not making an ironing board cover so shopping I did go. Found a really nice thick one at Winners.

Carla said...

There are so many cute covers available at reasonable prices that I've never even considered make one! Love your new aqua paint though...and the orange trees!

ferne said...

One thing you might also consider is to get a rectangular board and cover it, then attach it to your current ironing board. It is easier to cover and it gives you much better work space for quilts. I did this and just lay my board on a table and I reallllly love it. The thing with making your own ironing board cover with such cute material is that it will get messy over time because we have to use such a hot iron and if you starch it is bound to get brownish sooner or later.