Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Need to Know...Etsy

There are a couple gems out there I have been wanting to share with my fellow fabric lovers.
Just want to spread a little love around today!

 My Fabric Addiction 1 offers their own Art Gallery charm packs!

Very handy, yes?

 Amievoltaire has some hard to find Modern Meadow!
Yep, 2 yards en route as we speak :)

Catching Stitches, super precut prices, and Bonnie and Camille's Miss Kate yardage for $7.99/yd!
Get out!

Stacks O Stash is another favorite source for my beloved charm packs, along with other precuts and yardage

And lastly, Lark Cottons, just because she has the most wonderful bundles... 

I love Etsy shops for fabric!
I haven't listed all my faves here...maybe another day!
Feel free to share some of your favorite shops with me, too, if you like :)


Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

It's very exciting when yo can source exactly what you're looking for - all the better is it's at a good price and supporting small business/home sellers. Just last night I placed an order with Sew Fine Fabric on Etsy, my first Etsy order for a long while. They have great international shipping rates (which matters to Australia) and a wonderful collection of organic fabrics along with their conventional fabrics.

Shauna said...

It looks like you are having too much fun shopping online!! I love art gallery fabrics - they are just so fascinating! They remind me of some of the liberty fabrics.