Monday, December 29, 2014

Some Final Finishes, and etcetera...

The year winds down and we are compelled to "wrap it up" somehow, aren't we?
So here is the end of it for me...a couple quilts to bring my year's total to 14! 
I know, 14 in '14, very cool!

Onto the final finishes....
You can almost see the snow melting in this picture, can't you?
No, seriously, it is only 5 degrees...the only snow melting is what got carried in on the quilt!
I finished this Thanksgiving Day, but really wanted to wait for just the perfect weather conditions before snapping a few pics! *wink* 
I was inspired to venture out today by Karen @Pieces of Contentment....her beautiful photos, by the water, in the Summer, in Australia...ahhhh :)

Here are some soft lovelies I picked up on a recent trip to the big city of Billings...
...that turned into another fleece backed quilt...
...with simple quilting on the diagonals. 
For my Uncle and Aunt, in hopes that a quilty hug is better than no hug at all!

A first for me! A zippered pouch! Using my beloved Garden Party, by Jane Dixon, and osnaburg!
Even at my beginners pace, I was able to start and finish this in one afternoon!
I can certainly see why everyone makes these...such a fun little guy to make! But for the life of me, I am sure I have no use whatever for I shall have to give this one, and the others I am sure to make, away to my many sisters, nieces, cousins and friends :)

And just for some end of year fabric fun...the "etcetera"
I sold a chicken on Etsy, so turned it into these, from Shabby Fabrics, at a deep discount!
Gotta love these end of year sales, eh?
Finally, my first Jeni Baker fabric, from her Dreamin Vintage collection...Sweet, isn't it?
And the Pearl Bracelets, to bolster my lagging orange stash :) And the gray, just because :)
I was also a lucky FaceBook winner of a mini charm pack of Gardenvale(!!!) from The Fat Quarter Shop the other day! Yippee!
Mini charms are the cutest!!
Don't you want to see ALL of them?
And my favorites...especially the center two columns :)
And number one fave...
It surprised me...the florals are so cute...that I would pick a geometric...but I love the crosshatch, and the sprinkling of black throughout the many prints is really appealing to me. It may be in part due to the time I have been spending with my Great Grandmother's Dresdens, and the wonderful array of those vintage prints...more on that later ;)

I have proclaimed this the "Year of the Chicken", for obvious reasons :)
My very best to you, my online bloggy friends, with warmest regards for a happy and healthy 2015!
See you next year!


Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

Look at that wonderful white snow! The perfect backdrop for your Thanksgiving Day finish. The quilt for your Uncle and Aunt looks warm and snuggly.
Great zipped pouch - I must admit that lack of a need has stopped me from making these to date, although our twins each use one a as pencil case, gifted by a friend their age who quilts.

Nice to see your chickens bringing home some fabric!

Have a wonderful 2015 Sarah!

Gina said...

You are so awesome Sarah for finishing 14 in 14!!! Yay for a lucky win and for turning a chicken into fabric ;)!!! I can not wait to see the Dresdens!!! Will it be 15 in 15? However many finishes there are I will love stopping here to read their story and see what you are up to!