Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Really Random Tidbits!

The gal who taught me, and many others how to quilt through her shop classes at Margie's Country Store in Madison, Indiana is being honored by a month long exhibit in the Jefferson County Historical Society's History Center in Madison, IN. 
The exhibit is called "For the Joy of It"
My Mother has volunteered at the Center for years in the archives dept, and was so excited to send me photos of the exhibit installed!
I am so excited for Margie, so proud of her accomplishments,and just thrilled to see her talents and contributions showcased in this way. 
Margie's Country Store has been a focal point of Madison's revitalized downtown since well before it was revitalized! 
so many quilted jackets and fun accessories for the shop...I made 3 jackets from her pattern myself :)
This well-deserved tribute is the brainchild of the dynamic director of the JCHC, John Nyberg.   Margie's sons and families were  also instrumental in the process of bringing this exhibit to life! What a thoughtful way to celebrate the present creative heritage of this community!  There are over 100 quilts on display through the first week of April.
The quilt she made while recovering from cancer
There is even a Raffle quilt, which is sew appropriate don't you think?
Quilters are the giving kind, and Margie is no exception to that! She donated this quilt, the proceeds of which will benefit the Southern Indiana Folk Art School, a developing educational platform of the History Center. She also gave the Center another quilt for their permanent collection!
Raffle Quilt on the bed
I only wish I could experience it myself and in person!!! If you are anywhere near the area, I am certain this show is well worth the visit!
Here is a link to the article in the local paper:  "Madison's Material Girl", in which Margie expresses some of her thoughts on the exhibit.

In other news, I began a BOM this year, and after 3 months worth, I had to admit I just was not feeling it, if you know what I mean.  So, I deconstructed the 2 blocks I had made.
I have reconstructed a few of the parts, and will turn them into something, sometime, but for now I am at peace with the status of my precious Melodies, by Sarah Campbell :)

"Friendship Is Sweeter Than Honey"
The boys had a friend out the other day (always a big deal!), and these came with him (even bigger deal!)!!!
Fresh honey is sooooo delicious!
It is customary in these parts, for commercial honey producers to pay ranchers with honey in exchange for letting them put their bee boxes on their property. So when this particular rancher's wife made it known that she relished a particular table topper pattern, gosh maybe a year or more ago, I was quick to line up an equitable trade :) It has been awhile to come to fruition, but distance (67 miles one way) and schedules have a way of stretching out the best of intentions :)
So when that honey showed up on my doorstep, I didn't waste any time getting this put together! 
Midnight Frost Table Topper is available as a free pattern on Craftsy, by Melissa Corry of Happy Quilting.
The pattern calls for 6 blocks. I obviously made only 3, for an overall length of 24".
Just right for her country kitchen table, or dresser or wherever suits her!

I am "officially" a member of the Roy Prairie Piecemakers! 
I was able to join them for the sew day in January where I had arranged to teach whoever was interested, a Cathedral Window Pincushion! We had sent fabric requirements in the newsletter. I think there were 6 of us that day and 4 of us made the pincushion :)
 The orange and blue one was the sample I took with me, and I also made the black and white one as we went along! It was fun, and the ladies seemed to really enjoy making them!
 I made these simple little "trays" with the remainder of my time there! I saw them @Beech Tree Handmade, who directed me to the tutorial @A Spoonful of Sugar :)
I am hoping to make the next sew day, coming up on the 21st of this month :)

I received a fun email from my Brother-In-Law this week, in which he explained, and I quote:
Step 1: Cut sox into rectangular pieces.
Step 2: Create pattern layout. (Have a friend help if you want!)
I think he has a great idea going for the reuse of worn out sox tops! Throwing away the foot part with the holes, and stitching the tops together into something yet to be determined :)
Of course, none of my sox have cute tops, so he is on his own with this particular endeavor!

And, as if this post needed anything more (!), I made a Pixie Basket
Just the perfect little thing for stitching up on a whim!

I think that about ties up all my loose ends for the time being!
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The Colorful Fabriholic said...

Lovely tribute to your mentor and showcase of her work. I like the table topper you made in exchange for honey. Sounds like a great trade to me!

Lorna McMahon said...

Sorry you can't make it to the quilt exhibit. Sounds like you have a great admiration for both the maker and her works. Speaking of making - I love that table runner. What a great trade for that sweet honey! And did I read that right? You are a member of a group in real life now? And led them in a class for the Cathedral Window Pincushion? Whooop! Whoooop! Congratulations Sarah! Hope you enjoyed the meeting and get to hang out with them on a regular basis.

Nicole said...

You've been busy, Sarah! I have never seen sock tops repurposed like that. What a great idea!

Lara B. said...

Your friend Margie is incredibly talented and a prolific quilter too - wow what a well deserved honor!

Love your honey of a deal Sarah and I bet your friend loves her Midnight Frost topper too!

Roy Prairie Piecemakers is a really neat sounding group. I hope you get to enjoy more good times there!

Your brother-in-law's sock top idea is very cool!