Monday, May 16, 2016

"Reciprocal Thank You!"

Remember the Wonky Mini Charm Mini I made testing Jayne's aka Twiggy and Opal tutorial?
Well, she was appreciative! Very appreciative! She sent this bundle of sweet Twiggy and Opal-essence out to the hinterlands of the Breaks where I live! Is it silly that I was thrilled by her little Twiggy and Opal labels along with all the goodies?
zippered case, tablet keeper/cover, fabrics, and her Star minimini
The entire bundle of generous abundance is swoon worthy, and totally unexpected, and thrilling! But her "signature" Rainbow Star mini mini about sent me over the edge!!! A mini mini from The Jayne, herself!  I have only seen pictures of these little darlings as they go to and fro across the bloggy/IG quilters land! Obviously, while not technically a swap, my only appropriate response was to make one for her, too :) I learned just yesterday the perfect term for what I felt compelled to do...a Reciprocal Thank You! (you will find the reference in the very last line of this post by Krista @ Poppy Prints Creates!) When the idea of a shadow block, in keeping with her Cool Waters, and my Cool Jayne mini, crossed my mind, well it was pretty much a done deal! 
I had an epic photo shoot in mind, but this is all I was able to manage before the deluge!!!
I had made a test run of a tiny hourglass, too, which is so messy, and stripey, I really couldn't actually give it to anyone, but I did make another for Lorna@SewFreshQuilts, for her exceptional advice and patient ear, another Reciprocal Thank You...but neglected to get a picture, go figure!

 I really had some fun sewing these up, as I had nowhere to go during 7 days of rain! And sew glad to know what to call this wonderful repay-it-giving-feeling, too...thank you Krista@PoppyPrintCreates, for aiding my temporarily water-addled mind!
puddles in my driveway
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because mini minis and our bloggy friends are sew crush worthy!


Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

I would be excited too!! 7 days of rain eh? That's enough .... hopefully it's stopped now!

Beth @ Cooking Up Quilts said...

Wow! How wonderful for you to receive such a special package. Even though your epic photo shoot was washed out, the picture is still gorgeous. Love those mini's together! I hope the rain stops soon...I've had enough!