Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Sew Many Things!

How does one blog when their computer has been hijacked, held hostage, held for ransom...okay, not ransom, but our ever stalwart computer guy is in love and when we will get our  computer back is anyone's guess!!! argh! So, we got a new computer, and here I am!!! Sew many things!

First, this!! Have you seen it? The Get Cozy Mini by Pen + Paper Patterns, available through Craftsy! (I have been hanging in there meanwhile, via Instagram, perhaps we are friends there, too?)
I simply had to do this! I won a wonderful bundle of Front Yard fabric by Sandra Clemons, from Michael Miller Fabrics during Market week (squeee!!!) and this little thing popped up and demanded I just sample that luscious bundle of yummy! The collection has such a great variety of color, design and scale...it's, like, perfect!
The mini has proven difficult to photograph because it is long, 36" when it is all finished!
But it has a quilt in it, on the couch!! This is not paper pieced, y'all!
Actually 4 quilts...3 more on the quilt ladder!

In other progress news, the Meadow Mist Designs Mystery quilt is coming along...these are November's units.
I am still working on December, where these units are made into blocks! They are wonderful! Such a fun project...zero regrets getting in on this one!

Meanwhile, over on Instagram, I have a new "destash" account!
@cedarfork_FQdestash where I will be destashing Fat Quarters of fun random fabrics! 

If you are on Instagram, I am kicking things off this evening, 12/13 at 6:00!  I want to add to the destash each Tuesday.  So jump on over and check it out!  I very much appreciate it!!
I am thrilled to be able to LINK UP with my friends this week!!!!
With Beth: Main Crush Monday@Cooking Up Quilts
And Lorna: Let's Bee Social@Sew Fresh Quilts
(do y'all remember me?!)
And one more shot of my "new living room", in my sewing room ;)
*sigh* it is good to be back!


Jen said...

Welcome back! I love your little Get Cozy quilt! So cute!

Jayne said...

That's what you have been making! OMG! It is adorable and worth what ever troubles you had! I think this will go on my wish list for a next year project! Your sewing room looks cozy and inviting! Your mini wall art is wonderful!

Miss Alissa said...

I just LOVE the mini! So cute! It goes great on your wall too :)

Wendy said...

that mini is brilliant!

Lorna McMahon said...

Your new "living room" looks so pretty up there on your wall. I love the fabrics you chose. So cute! Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

Lara B. said...

So good to see you again Sarah!
Hope you have settled into your new home really well. LOVE the way your sewing room looks! All those minis are wonderful.
Your "Get Cozy" quilt is so sweet. Like a 2-D dollhouse. I love it when a quilt has quilts within it.
Good luck with your destashing. I'm destashing too and have put myself on a strict fabric buying diet.
Happy Wintertime!